Are you a weirdo like me?

I am a self-declared weirdo. In elementary school I desperately wanted to be one of the cool kids even though I had a belief that I was too weird to be accepted by them. I saw how they had this tribe-hood and I wanted in. It seemed from the outside that they were never lonely because they had all these people that were a part of their group. I was never invited to be a member of that group and never tried to form my own group. I was lonely…until high school.

Somehow a group of high schoolers who were as weird as me disguised as super smart kids who were at the top of the class, cheerleaders, sports stars, dancers, leads in the school musicals, singers, burnouts, artists and rebels all came together to form a tribe. We would meet before school for breakfast and wear bagels around our necks all day. We hung out after school and on the weekends. We went on vacations to the Jersey Shore together. We went on camping trips. We had sleepover parties. It was awesome!!!! Those beautiful souls were my first taste of being in a tribe.

As an adult I have found my tribe again. Because of the unconditional love I feel from my tribe I find myself making braver and braver choices in my life. I show them all the parts of me even my shadow side which makes them love me even more. They love the whole me, not just the pretty parts. I feel safe to share what’s true for me. I give support and I receive it. With my tribe by my side I know I can do anything I put my heart into because I have their unconditional support.

If you haven’t found your tribe yet, here are some tips on how to attract your unicorns (aka tribe)

Tips to attract your unicorns (aka tribe) 

  • Set the intention to be a part of a tribe Put it out there and be sure you are clear with your intentions. The Universe always has your back so state your yearning to be a part of the perfect tribe for you.

  • It’s true. You’re not too much of a weirdo to be a part of a tribe.  I used to let my weirdness get in the way of me being a part of a tribe. It’s just a story. The weirdo in me sees and bows to the weirdo in you.
  • Surround yourself with people who think like you. Where does your tribe like to hang out? Maybe they’re at a music festival. Maybe they’re hanging out at a pottery studio. Maybe they’re running 5k races. Maybe they are at retreat like this one. Wherever they are, go there.
  • Toss your judgement to the curb. Your tribe may be right in front of you…like literally. They might be in line with you at the bank or your bank teller or on the bus with you or chilling in the park. If you judge everyone because of how they’re dressed you might be missing the opportunity for a new friend. Instead of taking the judgement route take the loving one instead and smile at them and/or start up a conversation. We are all just souls having a human experience.
  • Take action. When you meet someone who is super awesome invite them to be a part of your tribe, even if it’s just a tribe of one right now. Set up a date to hang out or talk on the phone.

I would like to invite you to join my tribe.


My unicorn soul sisters Cora Poage, Suzanne Boothby and Richele Henry and I have been participating in a weekly tribal phone call every Thursday for about four years. We often joke that we each owe each other millions of dollars for all the therapy and business advice we’ve given each other. Because of these women my life and business is thriving.

June 9-12 may be the catalyst of awesome you’ve been looking for. Together, Cora, Suzanne, Richele and I are hosting a retreat for soul-centered entrepreneurs looking for their tribe. Our purpose is to create an incubator for awesome where we will take action in our businesses, collaborate, form partnerships and play like it’s everyone’s business. I would love to talk to you about it if you feel the calling. Send me an email >>> here and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Come to MayFest Music, Art & Yoga Festival for Free!

Billed as s homegrown Hudson Valley Festival where everyone gets to go back to camp with the most amazing “counselors” in the industry, MAYfest is a two day – three night,family-friendly music, art and yoga festival. Located at Surprise Lake Camp in Cold Spring, NY

Festival goers will immerse themselves into their yoga practice, their love for music and their desire to explore their creative side. Attendees can spend the entire weekend at the serene lakeside setting, visit for the day, or just come at night for the music.

So how can you go for free? Enter this contest:

Win 2 Day Passes

The rules:

Like and

Snap of photo of yourself holding a sign that finishes this sentence: I love live music and yoga because…


Post the picture to this wall

Ask all your friends to like Taraleigh Weathers and MAYfest.

Ask them to like your photo.

The top three photos with the most likes by May 14th will make it to the next round.

Final vote from May 15th-May 18th to determine the winner.

Winner will be announced on my page on Monday May 19th.

Or you can purchase your tickets here

Find your tribe at Rock Your Yoga May 17th from 2-4pm at the Juice Box

rock your yoga

If you like yoga, the Grateful Dead, things that smell good and fresh pressed juice, I’ve got some magic for you.

Sangha Studio and I are bringing all this awesome to the JuiceBox on Sunday May 17th from 2-4pm

Get your tickets at

Yoga with Sarah Deitrick
Live acoustic Grateful Dead by Zach Nugent Music
Aromatherapy by Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary
Guided meditation by Taraleigh
Fresh pressed juice from the JuiceBox

See you there!

Have You Found Your Tribe?

If you’ve found your unicorns, where did you find them? What ideas do you have for folks who are still searching? If you’re still on the lookout for your unicorns, share with me what you’re looking for by leaving a comment below. Maybe your tribe member will comment too. It’s ALL happening!!!

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,



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