The 3 keys to happiness by Trey Anastasio

Just in case you missed this in real life, the stream or in the many places it was shared online, you can watch the epic THANK YOU encore right here right now!

Now that you’ve seen all that magic, did you notice how Trey’s speech pretty much summed up the keys to a happy life? It did and I’m going to share them all with you right now. Well in a couple of seconds because first I want to make sure you to knew about the FREE Virtual Festival I’m throwing that’s starting this Thursday. We will be doing many of the things Trey talks about in his speech. You can get on the guest list >>> here.

And now for the keys to happiness by Trey Anastasio:

“I just gotta take a moment here at the end of this unbelievable tour to just express our deepest gratitude to all of you. As this kinda comes to a close, this summer tour. Also, to everybody watching and listening at home, this is for you guys too, and everybody here in the room… “

Key #1: Express gratitude for all of the awesome people that support you or have supported you in your life. 

“Basically what I want to say is that I can’t really begin to tell you  how much the four of us appreciate and feel um, blessed to be part of something that has become so… to us at least.. I’m talking about this community and this scene that we look at every night has SO SO beautiful and SO unique. So I know we’re up here playing the music, but this is kind of a chance to say that to you. We talk about it a lot backstage, at the festival, here at Dick’s, and it is just such a good feeling and you guys are kind of creating it all, so we feel like we are a small part of that, whatever that is you know. And we wanna thank you guys, really, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Key #2. The people in your life are one big mirror. If you look at a mirror and see your physical body you can focus on all the parts of you that you think are ugly or  you can choose to accept your body for what it is and see what is so beautiful about your reflection. The same goes for life. Trey chooses to focus on how beautiful the Phish community is, just like he’s choosing to see his own beauty and magic. I mean…how many amazing people have you met because of Phish? There’s a good chance I know you because of Phish! How many millions of dollars have charities gotten because of Phish? How many lives were made better for whatever reason because of Phish? 

Another thing I’ve noticed is that as Trey and the band got their stuff together, so did their audience. The happier and healthier the band became the happier and healthier we became too…even if it was just at the show. (And maybe I’m the only one who sees it that way and that’s because it’s my mirror).

We are all mirroring each other too. Something to think about…If you find yourself complaining that the people in your life are assh*les, then chances are you are an assh*le too.

“So it was a great summer and we can’t wait to keep up with you on the journey wherever that goes next, I know Mexico or whatever, there will be a lot more. Hopefully we will be back here again. – Trey Anastasio.”

Key #3: Surrender to the flow and release attachment to whatever comes next. Who knows what will happen in the next moment and the one after that or the one after that. Any of us could get run over by a truck this afternoon and never get to see Phish in our physical form again. All we have is the present moment so they key is to enjoy it and make each moment a good one. Know what you want (maybe to go to Mexico), take the steps necessary to allow it to happen and then release attachment to the how. Sometimes things happen way differently than you thought…and that’s just perfect even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.


Photo by the incredibly talented Dave Vann

Thank you Trey for the keys to happiness you shared with us on that beautiful Colorado evening. You are amazing!!!!

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