So good I licked the bowl

I made some things and they were so delicious that I felt like I had to share the recipes with you. One was so good, I licked the bowl.

There was a little something special in mine that won’t be in yours though. Hayley Jane was serenading me while I prepared these epic dishes making them taste even better because they were not only infused with my love, but hers too. Since she’s not available to play everyone’s kitchen every night (boo hiss!), you can Continue reading

Recipe: Sweet Potato Crust Quiche

My hubby and I were faced with a very serious dilemma. Do we go out for dinner because we are feeling too lazy to cook or do we make something simple? Before we answered that question we took a moment to express gratitude for the fact that we are able to ask it because we are so abundant and have so many food choices. We are so lucky!

Then I remembered I had bought all the ingredients to make a sweet potato crust quiche so we decided to work together and create this dinner masterpiece. We adapted the recipe from Cooking Light and it was incredibly easy and epically delicious.


Photo from Cuisine Delucienne

Things needed to make the magic: Continue reading