A Little Inspiration from TheNEWDEAL’s Keyboardist Jamie Shields

Originally published in the Huffington Post

TheNEWDEAL first began in Toronto in 1999, quickly gaining support from Toronto’s underground club scene as pioneers in electronica, recreating the DJ experience with live, improvised music. Soon the band brought their interpretation of Electro House, Trance, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass to the US, where they were embraced by the crowds at NYC’s Wetlands Preserve and cultivated a loyal following in the American jam scene.

After twelve years of touring, theNEWDEAL took a hiatus in 2011 and returned to stages in 2014. I am a huge fan of theNEWDEAL and have seen them many times including their last show before hiatus on Jam Cruise. It blew my mind and I was so upset that the band was no longer going to play together. Sometimes things are so exciting that I can’t contain myself. TheNEWDEAL playing again was one of those things and I almost spontaneously combusted into a pile of dirt, sand and glitter, but I didn’t and since I’m still here I was granted the opportunity to interview keyboardist Jamie Shields all about the magic he brings into the music scene and the world.

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