Love Heals: Raise the Vibration of the World with Taraleigh and Oteil

Many people have told Oteil Burbridge and I that having a conversation with us is healing. It’s like an instant vibration raiser for everyone involved.

What if together we co-led a monthly call where in order for people to gain access, they donated to a cause of our choice?

What if this month we donated money to cover the legal fees of those put in jail for peacefully protesting at Standing Rock?

It was an obvious yes for the both of us and we would like to invite you to join us on our first call happening this Friday (November 4th) at 12pm est.

Donate HERE to receive the call in number. If you can’t attend live, you will receive an email with a recording shortly after.

Please share this post and this donation link with all your friends.

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How to Feel the Magic When Things Suck

You know those moments that happen in life when everything comes together and you feel so joyous that at any moment you may combust into a pile of dirt, sand and glitter?

I have felt that way many times in my life.

aOnce at my wedding when I looked around and saw my beautiful new husband and realized that everyone in the room was there because of us and I felt a huge wave of love.

At the end of the yoga class I taught in New Orleans that Oteil and Kofi Burbridge had played for and we were all huddled in a circle. Everyone had just said one word that they were feeling and we were all crying.

A couple of weekends ago at Waking Windows in Winnoski, VT I was dancing front and center while Madaila played. The weather was perfect, I was wearing my sparkle skirt and the music was singing to my soul.

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I suffered from a dreaded case of the Mondays :(

I used to suffer from what is famously talked about in the movie Office Space as a “dreaded case of the Mondays.” I never fully enjoyed the weekends because all I could think about was how I had to get up and go to a job that I didn’t like on Monday morning. The present moment was something I rarely lived in unless I was at a festival or a show. Even though I had the best time ever at musical events, I felt like my life was missing something and I was really sad about it. The thing I was missing was daily doses of present moment magic. The situation was that I hated my job and instead of seeing the magic that was there I chose to stay in the hatred, resentment and the disappointment in myself.


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The 1st Yoga Class I Taught was Accompanied by Oteil and Kofi Burbridge. Whaaaaat?

aaaaaOteil was shocked that I’d never been to NOLA before because he said I dressed like the city on a daily basis. I said, “Well then…I should go during JazzFest and we can do something together.”

What we did was Oteil and his amazing brother Kofi Burbridge serenaded about 40 people while I taught my first ever yoga class. It was so magical, beautiful, inspiring and heart opening.

At the beginning of class I had everyone huddle around Oteil and Kofi. We came together by taking five deep breaths. I had everyone send love and gratitude to them for sharing their gift of music with us.


From there I led a powerful guided meditation that Continue reading