Mini-Festival with Headliners Snarky Puppy, Lettuce and Paul Simon

Let’s rage some of my JazzFest favs. Join in on the Work-Day Mini-Festival with headliners Snarky Puppy, Lettuce and Paul Simon.

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Post Festie Blues? Throw Yourself a Mini-Festival

Post-show/festival Blues in an epidemic in the live music scene. One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how to beat it. The truth is that you can’t beat it. Festivals and shows are where I go to recharge my life battery. It’s where I feel such extreme natural highs that I almost take off into space. When you experience a high so grand you eventually have to come down.¬†

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One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

This used to be my morning.

I woke up and rolled over to grab my cell phone. I checked my emails. I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed. Eventually I rolled out of bed and made my way to my computer. I would start working right away still in a sleepy fog. I would half ass work all morning. I would realize what time it was and jump up while in a major computer haze, run around my house like a maniac trying to get everything together for lunch, brush my teeth (because I forgot to earlier,) pee (holy moly I had to go so bad,) realize I don’t have time to shower, make lunch or walk into town to meet my husband for lunch so I drive and buy lunch and I stink.

I totally fell off my unicorn!

Sound familiar in your own personal way?

I started a morning routine and it shifted my morning in a major way. I decided I was going to party!

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