Post Festie Blues? Throw Yourself a Mini-Festival

Post-show/festival Blues in an epidemic in the live music scene. One of the biggest questions I’m asked is how to beat it. The truth is that you can’t beat it. Festivals and shows are where I go to recharge my life battery. It’s where I feel such extreme natural highs that I almost take off into space. When you experience a high so grand you eventually have to come down.¬†

After a festival it’s important to surrender into that low that you’re going to feel. Know that it’s Continue reading

2 Minute Dance Break with Taraleigh + Brett Dennen


Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or do you suffer from the mid afternoon slump? I challenge you to dance with me for 2 minutes. Experience the magic happens when you move your body to some fun music by Brett Dennen. Let me know how you felt before and after you danced in the comments section below. I love you!



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