Tuesdays with Taraleigh: Card Reading

I was at a rest area in upstate NY on my way to MayFest when I ran into a beautiful being. She stopped me and said something like, “Hi Taraleigh. I’m a huge fan of yours and I love your videos. They have really meant a lot to me and helped me to shift my life. Thank you.”

At first I felt a little embarrassed because I’m not cool enough to have a fan. Then it occurred to me that it’s not weird at all. I put everything that I learn out there into the world even though I have no idea how anyone is perceiving it or if anyone is even listening. Little signs like this are are messages to keep on doing what I’m doing. If even one person watches or reads something I put out there and it shifts something in them it’s worth a million hours of my time.

With that being said, I’m going to start recording weekly videos that give you a glimpse into my whacky world called Tuesdays with Taraleigh. This week I will give you a Magical Unicorn Card Reading. Who knows what next week has in store. Maybe I’ll bring you on a walk. Maybe I’ll teach you how to cook something. Maybe I’ll tell you a story. Without further ado, here’s this week’s video.

Let me know how his card resonated with you by leaving a comment below.

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,


Let’s Rock Our Wrinkles

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Last night when I was watching the 12/12/12 Concert I noticed a lot of older people that had absolutely no wrinkles on their faces. At first I thought wow they look really good for their age!

Then I looked closer and  realized it was because they had Botox and or plastic surgery.  I looked in the mirror at my own face and saw wrinkles on my fore head and my smile lines.
I decided  I am going to rock my wrinkles!
They came from many years of smiling and being expressive with my face.
My wrinkles rule and remind me of the amazing experiences I have had good and bad.
All the times that I have smiled, been surprised, saw something new for the first time, cried tears of joy at my wedding when I was reading my vows to Dan, all the performances I’ve had on stages big and small,  when I danced to my favorite bands all over the country and smiled extremely big because I was about to explode with happiness, when I laughed so hard  I cried  and so many more memories.
Why would I want to have that ironed out and erased?
Every one one of those wrinkles make me who I authentically am.
That is why I am choosing to rock my wrinkles!
Who else is down to rock their wrinkles?