To the woman who laughed at me for being different…

“You’re very ummmmmmm different?” she said to me laughing. 

I responded confidently, “I agree!”

A woman said this to me last week while I was cruising the racks at an upscale resale shop in New York City. Even though I took it as a compliment, she didn’t mean it that way. She was eluding to the fact that being different was a negative thing. In many places on our planet it’s forbidden to express yourself, but thankfully that’s not the case here in the United States. We’re free to be whoever we are and to dress the part no matter what that looks like. In Vermont where I live, you’re even allowed to be naked in public as long as you don’t disrobe outside. 

Music festivals were the first place I experienced a true freedom to be myself where I dressed the part too. Out in the judgmental streets I wandered at home, I was scared to express myself because I was afraid of what people might think of me if I did. Not only with fashion, but in general. My outside was a reflection of what was going on inside. I rarely spoke up or stood up for myself.

I hated my job.

My boyfriend at the time was physically and mentally abusive.

Some of ‘friends’ took advantage of me because I let them.

I was in a funk when I wasn’t at a show or festival.

I went over the top crazy when I was at shows and festivals.

My adulting game was so strong that I almost Continue reading

It’s not your fault that you were born awesome

Hello. My name is Taraleigh and I’m the Queen of starting things, but not finishing them. Another subject that I reign the kingdom over is having a million amazing ideas that never see the light of day. I’m also happen to be the Olympic champion and world record holder of procrastinating until the last minute. In the past, I thought these ways of being were my biggest weaknesses and I tried to put my crooked sparkly square peg into a round hole. Forcing myself to finish the things I started on my own, I found myself feeling like a huge failure because I usually didn’t do the best job no matter how hard I tried. I felt guilty for procrastinating and sad about all of the ideas that were now buried in my idea graveyard.

During an intense coaching session where I was getting supported by three powerful coaches at once I asked, “How can I use how I naturally am FOR me instead of AGAINST me?”

I realized that I loved Continue reading