A Sweet Ass Playlist for YOU from Me

Just in case you weren’t sure, one of my favorite things in the world besides my hubster, my friends, my family,  sparkly things, unicorns, sunsets and rainbows is MUSIC. Listening to live music is my preferred method, but when that’s not possible I rage it at home, when I’m cooking, in the car, walking about town and pretty much everywhere possible. A subscriber to this very blog asked something of me. She asked if I would share some of my favorite songs in this moment. I find that to be a very tall order because my favs are constantly changing and there are so many amazingly talented people out there putting out beautiful music.

Loving a good challenge, I did my best and created The Sweet Ass Playlist on Spotify.  You can listen to it here and if you love it, you can follow it to witness the ebbs and flows of my musical taste. I will be editing the list periodically adding new favorite songs on and removing ones that have served their purpose.

Are you obsessed with a song or artist that’s not on the list. Leave it in the comments below.

I hope this playlist brings a little love, light and magic into your life.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

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