I’m so privileged

“I don’t subscribe to your blog to get political preaching. Please stop it or I will unsubscribe if you care.”

After my last blog post where I shared about the new Facebook group and virtual conference I started called the LIGHT Force (Love Igniters Growing Higher Together), I received this response. At first I wondered if I had done something wrong. Was I being too preachy? Should I keep my thoughts to myself? The truth is, I was never political because I never had to be because of my privilege. To be honest, when I first heard Black Lives Matter, I didn’t get it. I thought, “Don’t all lives matter equally?” What I realized is yes, they do, but being the white girl that I happen to be, I have no idea what it’s like to live with racism and prejudice projected onto me on a daily basis. Right now black lives aren’t being treated as though they matter as much as mine does and I’m not OK with that at all. Just because I happen to look a certain way, shouldn’t mean that I have any more privileges than the next guy. But right now I do. I finally got it. I’m so freakin privileged! Here’s why:

I’m so privileged that when I get pulled over by a police officer for speeding, my biggest fear is getting a fine and points on my licence which I can probably get out of if I cry. There’s not an ounce of fear about getting beaten up or shot.

When I’m travelling back to the United States after visiting another country for work or play, I’m so privileged that my biggest fear is TSA or customs will find and take away my almond butter. There’s no worry about not being let back into the country I live in where my family and friends all reside.

When I’m in a store shopping, I’m so privileged that the sales associates either leave me alone or genuinely asks me how they can be of service. No one follows me around assuming I’m going to steal something.

When I’m walking down the street, I’m so privileged that no one sees me and locks their car doors just because of the way I look. There’s also no worry that I’ll get shot.

When I’m sick, I’m so privileged because I’m fully insured through my husband’s work so I can go to the doctor and get the medicine I need to get well. There’s no fear on whether or not I can afford it, that I will have to work through the sickness or what I need to give up in order to have enough money to purchase my prescription. I’m also not worried about not having money to buy food or a fear of losing my job from missing work because I’m sick.

I’m so privileged because I have a car that I can drive to go wherever I want to get whatever I want. That includes to the voting polls, the grocery store and work.

I’m so privileged that my insurance includes yearly medical and dental check-ups so I am able to take care of myself with ease.

When I was growing up I was so privileged. My parents were very involved and gave my sister and me whatever we needed to thrive in this world. That included not only stuff that costs money like dance lessons, school supplies, healthy food and new clothes every year, but their time too because they each had one job. There were times when I was little that my mom stayed home with me. My mom and dad would quiz me in science, tested me in spelling, and got me a desk that was in my own room so I could write my papers and study comfortably in a quiet environment. If I was having an issue in school, they would get in their car, drive to my school and did whatever they could to make my experience better. Going to college was a given. I grew up knowing that I could do whatever I wanted and I was fully supported. Meaning, if I went for all my dreams and failed, I was so privileged, that my worst case scenario was never being homeless and starving.

I’m so privileged, that I went to a school where teachers were treated well and cared about their students (well most of them). We had new up-to-date books, computers, pizza parties, and buses that picked us up in front of our houses and dropped us off. My education was top notch and gave me plenty of opportunities.

There were times in my life when I was barely making any money, but I was so privileged because I had a roof over my head and I wasn’t starving, I even had a reliable car and I still found ways to go see live music and travel.

So you see, I have lived a blessed life because of my privilege. I knew there were starving children in Africa because I saw the commercials on TV. Because so many of the oppressive inequalities didn’t effect me or anyone I knew directly, I didn’t realize how bad things really were and I feel really bad about it now. I’m so sorry.

As I’ve deepened my spiritual practice and infused yoga as a way of life, the veil was lifted and I saw how oppressed this world and so many of the people living in it really are. Even though I’m a upper middle class white girl living in the happy land of Vermont, doesn’t mean that I’m going to accept the inequalities or ignore those who aren’t as privileged as me. And not only am I not going to ignore the problem, but I’m going to talk about it, write about it, march for it and fight until we are all truly equal. If you have more ideas on what I can do to serve, please let me know. I’m open to it all.

I’m not going to sit with my mouth taped shut because I’m afraid that someone will think I’m being too political. My words I write in this blog have always been rooted in truth and love and will continue to be that way. I’m open to hearing all sides of the story and will not judge you for your choices because I don’t know where you come from, what your life was like and what you were taught. You will never find me name calling or shaming anyone for speaking their mind. I just want to understand you. I want to hear you. 

If you find that my words aren’t for you and you choose to unsubscribe, that’s ok. You have the right to do so. I’ll miss you and I send you my love. 

If you have something to say about what I shared today, I would love to hear you. Leave a comment or send me a message.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

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