How We Met: Sara Soulman

This weekend was so freakin magical and so normal. I say normal because I believe that magic IS normal. Think of it this way; if when my book How to Rock Your Life was published and everyone I knew was like, “That’s so crazy that you wrote a book. I didn’t think you had it in you to do something so great.” I would have felt kinda sad about it.

When something wonderful happens for you in your life and you exclaim, “That’s so crazy,” you’re sending that same sad feeling to the Universe. You don’t want to be responsible for the whole entire Universe crying do you?

Now I say, “Magic is normal and I’m so grateful.” 

Try that saying on for size and let me know how it fits. 

Someone who lives this way is the woman who is the next star of the How We Met series and I’m going to tell you all about it after I share with you why this past weekend was so normal. 

It all started on Friday afternoon on a stage made of skis at Tailfeather in Burlington, VT. Vinne Amico and Al Schnier from the band Moe. were in attendance and they were there because of me. Months ago I had asked Vinnie if he would collaborate with me in some way as part of my book tour. He said yes and roped Al in for the event. 

The duo played some epic acoustic tunes and were joined by special guest (who just happened to be there supporting me) Rob Compa from Dopapod. Between sets I read a passage from my book and then we all talked about it. Two of my most favorite musicians in the world were sitting on either side of me asking me questions about the book that I freakin wrote!!! MAGIC IS NORMAL AND I’M SO GRATEFUL. Holy poop emoji! 


Now it’s time for How We Met and it’s all about the woman who told me that my super power was being a fluffer. She saw the fluffiness in me because she is one of the biggest fluffers I know!!! (Side note: I just looked and this post was auto-saved at 11:11am. Magic is normal and I’m so grateful.)

Who is this fluffer of epic proportions and what kind of fluffer (porn or otherwise) are we talking about?  

Sara Soulman is a heart led entrepreneur, mama and magical goddess. One day an article called 7 Things I Learned About Life From the Band Phish that was published on MindBodyGreen caught her eye. Being a huge Phish fan herself, she dove right into it and related to all the things. “Who wrote this and how can we be best friends?” she thought to herself. At the bottom of the article was my name with a link to my website that she excitedly clicked. 

Shortly after finding me, she saw that I was offering an online coaching program, so she scheduled a call with me to talk about it. Living with a lack mentality at the time, she didn’t think she could afford it and cried. After a heart to heart, I fluffed her up and she enrolled feeling empowered. During the program she thrived big time! She shifted so much that when it came time to run the program again, I asked her if she’d like to be on my team and be a coach. After that program ended, we finally met in ‘real life’ at a retreat for the program in Ohio. Our love for each other went even deeper!

Rocking being a coach in my program so hard, when it ended, she decided to go out on her own and start her very own mentorship program and as the tides turn, she asked me to be a coach for her which I proudly accepted. 

It’s called the Wisdom Within Mastermind and it’s a spiritual development program for women and it’s amazing. 

7 out the 9 WWM coaches are live music fans, so they’ll totally get you and your need to spend time boogying down to your favorite bands. The program is a supported self-study one where you get an email with a masterclass with two weeks to feel into it. A gorgeous workbook comes with it too! There’s a FB group to connect with others in the program and one of the coaches will be live there every Wednesday evening. Learn everything you need to know about it HERE.

Exciting news! I’ve got one free spot to give away and three partial scholarships. If you’re into the program and interested in one of the those scholarships, send me a message HERE by midnight tonight and tell me what your life would look like if you had a magic wand and everything you ever wanted could come true. Then tell one thing that’s stopping you.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,


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