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If you’re into Ryan Montbleau and his friend Mike Meadows (who plays drums for Willie Nelson’s band) playing intimate shows just for you and 20ish others while the ocean waves crash in the background, spending time in one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world, witnessing epic sunrises, eating delicious healthy local food made just for you, practicing some yoga to birds chirping and ocean sounds, meditating, surfing, relaxing, making lifelong friends who have all traveled all the way to Costa Rica with the purpose of bettering their lives and raising the vibration of the planet, then don’t let anything stop you from being there. Find out more and/or sign up >>>HERE. You can also send me a question here and ask me all your questions.

It’s really important that you sign up for this adventure. Like really important!

The planet we call home is in dire straights right now and we need your help. The people of planet Earth are counting on you. What you must do next is vital. No questions asked. Make an appointment to get a massage, go for a walk, hang out in nature, listen to your favorite song, hug a baby and sign up to join us in Costa Rica. Let’s do this!

One morning I was having a heart to heart with the Universe because I was concerned about how it was doing. I asked if it was making time for self-care since it must be so busy with day-to-day life. You know, like making sure the earth continues to spin and other important stuff like that. I received an answer to my question that was so simple and so clear.

Making time to practice self-care for myself, I was, in turn, giving self-care to the world.

The more loving actions toward myself I took, the more energy I had to love up everyone in my life and beyond. The better I took care of my body, the less miracles would have to be performed to keep me healthy. And that makes the Universe (and all of us since we’re one and the same) feel more awesome too. I then heard, “Please share this information with the world.” I shouted, “Hell yes!! I can surely do that.”

And so I am.

Do your part to save the world by joining us in Costa Rica. Click >>> HERE to learn more and sign up.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

Here’s how the retreat was for those who attended last year.

From Nikki: “I went on a retreat with Taraleigh to Costa Rica! It was the best thing i have ever done for myself. Absolutely life changing. I now have life long friends. Actually they are family. Don’t miss out!”

From Jeff: “If you are able, do not miss the opportunity to attend a retreat with Taraleigh. Last year’s Costa Rica retreat was literally life-changing and I’ve been counting the days until the next one. Treat yourself. It’s good for you!”

Send me a message HERE if you have any questions. I hope to see you in paradise! 🌴❤️

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