5 Ways to Rock Your Year for Real This Time

Do you want to have the most magical and amazing year ever? Are you ready rock some goals and take a gander into something amazing and fulfilling?
It takes focus, action, perseverance, support and a little magic. It might not always be rainbows and unicorns, but I know you have what it takes.
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You will declare an intention that you want to manifest in 2017, create an action plan to implement it and receive all the tools and support required to achieve it.
In the mean time, check out these five ways to have the most epic year yet.
1. Look at your previous year
Check your sweet ass (and the rest of you) out in the mirror andbe radically honest with yourself. What mistakes did you make this year? What do you think you could do better? What accomplishments did you make that you can celebrate?
After you’ve answered the questions yourself, ask someone to answer these for you to get an even deeper look. You might be seeing yourself differently than the world does.
2. Set intentions/goals
Humans thrive when they have something to strive for, so setting a few goals will give you just that. Come up with not only a big ass goal for the year, but some little ones too. Having one monstrous goal can be overwhelming if you don’t stop and smell the awesome and celebrate the milestones along the way.
Create weekly, monthly, and a yearly goals. It may take some experimenting to find out the way you work best. Maybe it’s one daily goal written in your planner. Maybe it’s a weekly goal. Maybe you look at your monthly goal 3 times a week and take action on those days. Make a schedule that you can stick to so you can stay organized and on the path to success.
3. Allow time for yourself
If you’re exhausted and burnt out, it’s pretty hard to take action on your goals. You need time to chill and recharge your battery. It’s selfish to not take care of yourself. Not only do you not have as much energy to help others, but often times you end up needing to be cared for.
Your time can be whatever you want it to be as often as you want. Do the stuff that you enjoy that makes your heart sing. It shouldn’t be anything that causes you even a drop of stress. It’s all about you baby! The better you feel, the higher you vibrate. The higher you vibrate the more energy you will have to be productive. Speaking of being productive…
4. Take sweet action
There is never the perfect time to take action so just do it! Get the disco ball rolling today and start creating the momentum you need.
Each and every single step you take towards your goal is important no matter how big it is. Goal setting gives you a vision of what you’re working toward and makes it easier to see what needs to get done.
5. Be grateful
What can you be grateful for in your life? Think to yourself at least three things right now. See how good that feels!!! And that’s why an attitude of gratitude is important to have an amazing 2017!
The magic in me sees the magic in you,
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