The Pre-Show is Happening Tonight!

Yesterday’s post and video struck a cord (like an epic Trey cord in Divided Sky). Thank you for all of your inquiries and I’m so excited about the people who took the plunge to join us. I’m looking forward to supporting them to have the business of their dreams.

There’s only a few spaces left and if Rock Your Business is callin’, whisperin’ or shoutin’ your name, I don’t want you to miss out. If you sign up by today by 5pm est, you’ll get to participate in the Pre-Show Video Conference that’s happening today at 7pm estt.

Learn more about Rock Your Business and sign up HERE. If you want to talk to me about it, contact me HERE.

I could go on and on forever telling you why I think this program is so important for business owners, but I’ll let Katie (who participated in the last round) tell you all about it. Katie is an herbalist who also owns a shop in San Diego, California. 

Taraleigh: Why did you choose to sign up for Rock Your Business?

Katie: I was looking to find out how you make it seem so easy to run a fun business and still enjoy your life!

Taraleigh: What was your favorite part of Rock Your Business and why?

Katie: I loved the video conferences and the a-ha and magical moments that always occured on them.

Taraleigh:  If you had a friend who Rock Your Business would be perfect for, how would you describe the program to them? 

Katie: If you’re ready to look at your business in a different way then ever before-this program is for you. Taraleigh helps you to see what lights you up- livemusic-and how to channel that in an authentic way that shines through your business.

She always has the answer for your question or problem and finds the best way of digging you out of where you are to see your true potential and get unstuck. And makes it so simple. With the focus on having fun, being joyful and music, how can it not be?

The group members are all just like you and the connection is immediate, therefore allowing magical, a-ha moments and “inspiration to move you brightly.” 🙂 This is truly the key to rocking your business. Join today!

Taraleigh: What are three things you accomplished during the program?

Katie: I made great connections with the others that were in the program. I was stuck on how to attract people to come to my store, so I created a list of questions with your help to ask my ideal customers on what they wanted so I could attract my tribe. We came up with the idea of hosting free or donation based events at the shop to attract customers and I started reaching out to people to host events there.

Taraleigh: What’s shifted for you since signing up?

Katie: I’ve gained more confidence in myself and my business. I needed to shift the way I have been thinking about my business to bring in my people/tribe and I did. I’ve realized it’s ok to take breaks, vacations and to have fun. It’s nothing to feel guilty about. And it’s ok to say no!

Taraleigh: What did you love about the video conferences?

Katie: I loved connecting with everyone and being a part of the magical moments that happened.I loved that you always had the right thing to say to everyone– and it was awesome to hear what other like-minded people are up and watch them work through business ideas and manifest it all! Also the dance party at the end were rad!

Taraleigh: How did you like working with a business buddy? 

Katie: We had fun! We all seriously inspired one another and the action steps and follow up were awesome. Wonderful ladies!

Taraleigh: Did you receive support and the answers you were looking for in the Facebook Group? 

Katie: Yes! Facebook group was great. Loved our individual threads and the the Ask Taraleigh section

Taraleigh: How was your one on one session?

Katie: AMAZING. I love you.

Taraleigh: Yay!!! I love you too and I’m so excited to see what happens next. You’re amazing. <3

If you are looking to have an experience like Katie did, then you’ll love Rock Your Business so much! There are only a couple of spaces available (this program is only open to 10) and they’ve been filling fast. We start on Monday! You can learn more and reserve your space by going HERE.  If you sign up by 5pm est today, you’ll get to participate in the bonus Pre-Show Video Conference at 7pm est tonight.

Looking forward to finding out who’s going to fill the spots. 

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

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