Love Heals: Raise the Vibration of the World with Taraleigh and Oteil

Many people have told Oteil Burbridge and I that having a conversation with us is healing. It’s like an instant vibration raiser for everyone involved.

What if together we co-led a monthly call where in order for people to gain access, they donated to a cause of our choice?

What if this month we donated money to cover the legal fees of those put in jail for peacefully protesting at Standing Rock?

It was an obvious yes for the both of us and we would like to invite you to join us on our first call happening this Friday (November 4th) at 12pm est.

Donate HERE to receive the call in number. If you can’t attend live, you will receive an email with a recording shortly after.

Please share this post and this donation link with all your friends.

If all the funds are raised for this particular cause, we will donate directly to the tribe.

Here is some more info from Katrina Coravos’ Facebook page on our cause this month:

Over 140 people got arrested last night.

Most of the protectors have bail set at $1500.

It is hard on my heart to know that people I love are behind bars right now. I trust the unfolding of this process, and know that there are many hands at work inside of this transformation we are in. But, it is hard and heavy.

My heart goes out to all the good hearts that are sitting in the jails tonight.

Two people that I love deeply are there: Kei Koromoto and Jonah Neale.

Kei has been the main cook at camp and dedicates over 12 hours a day to feed the people at camp. She always greets you with a warm smile and loving words. Jonah works tirelessly every day helping in any way he can- from building, lugging, lifting, doing the overnight shift in security, giving great hugs. Both of them are generous and giving hearts, that are showing up because they love life and people.

My gratitude goes to them, for standing for what is right- and to all the protectors that are risking so much to do what is calling in their hearts.

The legal group that is helping is deeply involved in releasing everyone within 72 hours.

Fortunately, there has been a fund raiser that will cover the costs to get the protectors out. This is another example of the outpouring of giving that Standing Rock has received.

The world is watching, the world is praying, the world is witnessing the unification of the people and truly what we are up against to live in harmony together.

We are doing this, and even when faced with what the people faced yesterday, love is prevailing, spirit is with us, and we are making a change.

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