Taraleigh personifies Joy, Love, Magic, and Miracles. Whenever I am in her presence, I feel uplifted, healed, transformed and inspired. She mirrors back to me my Faith in Humanity. If someone like Taraleigh is out in the world, then I know that the healing of the planet is HAPPENING.

~Cora Poage
Spiritual Life Coach

Taraleigh is one of the happiest, healthiest people I know. Everyone wants what she’s having.

~ Joshua Rosenthal
Founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


 While I was in Taraleigh's mentorship program I’ve manifested a healthy body free from sugar and alcohol. I’ve manifested money love and appreciation. My relationship with my boyfriend is perfect and amazing. I am living my ideal day every day. I love my life.

Sara Soulman
Rock Star Coach, angel card reader and healer
avatarWhen I worked with Taraleigh I learned to put the past behind me. I put event planning into high great and it’s happening. Instead of letting fear take over i am going for it!!!

Lee Crumpton
Founder and Owner of Homegrown Music Network
avatarWhile in Taraleigh's mentorship program I manifested my new job and I’m just so overwhelmed by the awesome!!! I manifested wellness on every level.

Rock Star Coach, card reader and healer

I went from feeling like I was incapable of ever feeling at peace inside, to thinking it was possible, but it would probably take a really long time, to realizing that I better make it happen immediately after watching a small bunch of people die very early in life. When you have that fire under your ass, other people who have it too stick out to you. We might as well have our foreheads painted with some distinguishing mark. By the way, if you haven’t met her yet, Taraleigh has a huge sequined, sparkly mark on her forehead. Actually it’s a full blown headress! You can’t miss you and you wouldn’t want to if you could.

Oteil Burbridge
Bassist of the Allman Brother's Band
avatarDuring Taraleigh's mentorship program I manifested finally taking the big leap to move cross country. I finally stopped doing what was expected of me and started doing what I wanted.

Musician and writer
avatarWhile working with Taraleigh I manifested friends that are on a similar path as me and they are awesome! It’s something I’ve always wanted to have. Also I am writing and taking steps towards my dream life which included a trip to Peru for yoga teacher training.

Laura Beth
Yogi, writer and Rock Star Coach
avatarI learned that everything in my life is happening for me and now I’m aware of it and I’m willing to see it. My mind is healthier than it’s ever been since working with Taraleigh

Sarah Tallman
Professional dancer
avatarWhile in Taraleigh's mentorship program I manifested tickets to see the Grateful Dead in Chicago. My boyfriend now believes in the power of manifesting.

Katie O'Connor
Certified Herbalist
avatarThe biggest thing I manifested while working with Taraleigh was figuring out this whole manifesting thing.

Reiki master and mama
avatarI have worked all my life trying to be consistently happy and I have made great progress, but I didn’t really get there until I participated fully in the program. That’s when it all started to come together for me. Even though I have bad moments now and then, even a bad day here and there, I know with all my heart that it won’t linger like it used to. I know my happiness will not abandon me now. And I love that my positive outlook and confidence in myself is helping others all around me.

Rose Comyns
Author of When Darla Hit
avatarTaraleigh is a one-of-a-kind spirit with an entrepreneurial mind. Everyone she touches is the better for it.

Andy Bernstein
Founder of Headcount and Co-Editor of Pharmer’s Almanac Vol 6
avatarOne of Taraleigh’s superpowers is listening. The magic happens when you pick up the phone to talk to her.


Suzanne Boothby
Author of The After Cancer Diet and Freelance writer for Omega Institute
avatarWeekly Love is a great reminder to keep us all on track for loving ourselves, those around us and the lives we lead. Everyone should sign up for it – it’s FREE! Who couldn’t use a weekly dose of unconditional love? (that’s a trick question – everyone can!)

Meredith Paige
Attorney and Moe.down Coordinator of Yodeladies
avatarWorking with Taraleigh allows you reconnect to those moments in your life when everything is and feels right and she does so in a natural, uplifting and spirited way unlike anyone else in the world.

Britt Nemeth
Owner of Britt Nemeth Photography
avatarI love you and I love how you inspire me and everyone else to love themselves unconditionally. We are all looking and yearning for that.. We need to give it to ourselves!

Kiki Mason
Founder of Kiki and the Flaming Gypsies
avatarOne of the most amazing things that you do for people is that you help them discover, appreciate and celebrate the goodness in their life, whether large or small. You are the mirror that helps them see themselves in a new light that they have often not seen themselves in, and from there, the most unbelievable transformations unfold. You are a catalyst for joyful transformation, and you’re not afraid to call people out when they’re sabotaging themselves.

Morella DeVost
TV show host and health coach
avatar“Wait you want me to join a group of people that I don’t know (except for Taraleigh a little bit) and bare my soul and love them? AND do nothing but support one another and love one another up? That sounds like a crazy idea. And it is! But it WORKS! It was one of the best choices I made in my life. I was feeling very alone,and it seemed like the invitation came at the right time — kizmet I tell you!”

Kristen Cassidy
Executive Assistant at YampuTours
avatarTaraleigh Weathers…always something good & timely coming from this girl!

Lizzie Post
Author/Spokesperson/E-Learning Developer at The Emily Post Institute
avatarI feel incredibly lucky to have met Taraleigh. She is one of those people where your heart feels safe to naturally opens in her presence. A special person definitely, but Taraleigh’s gift lies in her ability to take you to your best self. She literally sparkles.

Kathryn Stefans
Coach for emotional eating for sensitive souls
avatarI am grateful to be a part of a like minded community with inspiring people in it who continually reminded me that love is all you need. I often think about how special and unique in this day and age that there are people who will lift you up when you are down and show you that you are worth it, even when it gets hard. I thought to myself how unique it was that I gratefully found this group program at the exact time in my life that I needed it the most. Now I know that I am stronger than I ever thought and am forever thankful.

Sarah Dig
avatarI just want to say that as soon I joined Taraleigh’s group program I felt the blast of joy skyrocket through me! I’m excited to be here and raise the joy/love factor. Woooooohooooooo!

Beth Umba
Massage therapist and energy worker
avatarI really love that Taraleigh cares about everyone in the group so much to help us all really get to be our best selves. This group is a great sounding board for everyone who wants to become the best version of themselves to try to express their innermost demons and battle the feelings of self doubt with a big cushy trampoline alliance of strong people to back you up and say you can do it!

Amanda Mohoney
Career counselor at UVM School of Medicine