Grateful Dead, Phish or Twiddle?

I’m active on a couple of live music inspired Facebook Groups and I find there are often fights amongst the members about which band is number one in the scene. Moe., Umphrey’s McGee, The Allman Brother’s Band and The Disco Biscuits are no strangers to these types of attacks, but lately the main targets of these arguments usually revolve around the Grateful Dead, Phish and up and comers Twiddle.  The die hard Dead Heads feel like the band Phish is copying the Grateful Dead and the die hard Phish fans feel like the band Twiddle is copying Phish. I’m sure there are people out there that think the Grateful Dead are copying someone too.

These arguments escalate very quickly and people start attacking each other personally, wishing death upon someone they don’t even know because they aren’t as big of a Dead/Phish/Twiddle fan as they are. They are usually between a bunch of people that are in their homes or at work sitting behind the safe place of their keyboards. Many of the people doing the trolling have never even seen the band play live that they are bashing. Being a huge live music fan and I can’t imagine having that strong of an opinion of a band until I’ve witnessed them live a couple of times. It’s like when you go Continue reading

She Ruined My Phish Show!

Last week while I was in Portland, Maine to see Phish I was in a difficult situation that had me questioning if I was a good person. During the show I was having a really hard time getting into it. I know that the trick is to surrender to the flow, and I was doing my best, but I kept on going over the scenario in my head thinking about how I could have done things differently.

And then the band played the song Blaze On.

“You got your nice shades on, and the worst days are gone
so now the band plays on, you got one life, blaze on.”

I realized that I was letting this situation that happened hours earlier ruin my good time. I knew in my heart that I did the best that I could do with the interaction and I acted from a place of love and compassion. I’m not responsible for how people react to me. It’s their experience and who am I to think that I have any control over it? How do I know that it wasn’t of highest good for her to react that way towards me? Maybe that interaction healed her in someway. Maybe not. It’s none of my business either way. However what is my business and what I do have control over Continue reading

Dear Taraleigh, I Hate You. Signed, Anonymous

“Not everyone can leave there job and f*ck rock stars until they get things for free, you get what you want and get to be a stupid hippy because you write and s*ck d*ck. not everyone can do that and we need doctors and people doing real work not just being groupies. some people need to return to save the world unlike you, what do you REALLY contribute?”

Those words were delivered to me in the form of an email responding to the interview I did with Mihali from the band Twiddle for the Huffington Post. It was my first true piece of hate mail. I’ve been ripped a part and made fun of many times on message boards, in Facebook groups, on my own Facebook wall and in the comments section of my blogs and videos. Things have been written such as,

“She would be much hotter if she Continue reading

My Birthday Gift to the World

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is my birthday and I want to give a shout of to the Universe for keeping me alive for 39 years. To express my gratitude I would like to raise the vibration of the planet by hanging out with as many of you as possible for fifteen minutes at a time next Wednesday June 22nd.

Follow this link to donate any amount that you wish and then I’ll reply with an email to schedule our time together. During the hang we can dance together, I can do a card reading with you, we can do a mini coaching session or we can just talk.

I will be taking 50 percent of the donations and I’ll be giving them to Sangha Studio’s service programs. Sangha Studio is a non-profit studio in Burlington, VT. They bring yoga out into the world in the form of offering free yoga to women going thru breast cancer treatments, people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, kids in schools and so much more.

It’s a win win!!

Recipe: Creamy Greek Theater Quinoa Salad

aMy friends invited Dan and I over for dinner and asked us to bring a side dish. They were making veggie kabobs and I was racking my brain for the perfect thing to accompany them when I saw a jar of tahini in the fridge and a ridiculous amount of quinoa in my freezer and it clicked! It was a huge hit and the leftovers made for a delicious breakfast when I added homemade kraut and an egg to it. The reason for the name of this recipe besides that the Greek Theater is an amazing place to see a show is that this greek inspired salad has a little California in it too.


What’s in the magic:

Continue reading

I got chased by a wild hyena at MAYfest

This weekend was a time I have been looking forward to and afraid of for months. MAYfest (music, art and yoga) was happening and I was presenting three times! I was scheduled to do two lectures on my book The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book and a Live Music Blindfolded Chakra Balancing Dance Class.

I was so excited because this was my first time as a presenter at a festival.

I was scared because this was my first time as a presenter at a festival.

Fear and excitement are basically the same things. The only difference is there is breath in excitement.

I remember the first time I ever did a workshop for people. It was a Sugar Blues talk at a health food store that I had worked for at the time. The night before I threw up. I prayed that no one would show up. But people did and I spoke to them and I didn’t die. It was a miracle! This time I was normal person nervous which even though it can be very uncomfortable, is something I’m extremely grateful for. If I wasn’t afraid of anything I would hang out in tiger cages and jump out of planes without a parachute. Thank goodness I feel afraid of things or I would not be here writing these words. The fear that I felt did feel the same physically as if I was being chased by a wild hyena. I felt it and asked myself, “If I do this lecture and dance class is my life in danger?” The answer was obviously a no and so even though I felt the fear and every cell of my body was yelling, “Run!!!” I decided that I should feel the fear and do the classes anyway.

A couple of hours before my first lecture I was deciding if I should sit in my cabin and go over what I wanted to say and freak out a little or if I should go to Marti Nikko and DJ Drez’s yoga class. I chose Continue reading

Recipe: Festival Friendly Eats

Music festival season is upon us finally!! Can’t you just feel the excitement in the air? It’s pretty much all my friends and I can talk about. I received an email last week from my friend Sara Anne and she asked me for recipes for foods you can bring to festivals. She said that often times there aren’t that many healthy options available and so she ends up eating fried cheesy things and is left feeling sluggish and bloated which totally cramps her dancin til all hours of the night style.

I feel her! If I don’t prepare beforehand I do the exact same thing and feel the same way.

Here are some of my favorite festival friendly recipes.  Continue reading

Change the world by shaking your sweet ass

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I kinda like dancing to music. Ok I don’t kinda like it, I’m kinda obsessed with it. Ok I’m not kinda obsessed, I am wildly-fiercely-majorly obsessed with it. My favorite way to dance to music is when it’s live and I’m with all of you at a festival or a show. Those moments are my soul medicine and I seek out to experience as much of them as possible. It would be amazing if I could dance with you live and in person everyday. It happens in my dreams, but in my reality I find myself rocking out in my house all by myself and even though it’s fun, it can be kinda lonely. When Facebook launched it’s LIVE feature I thought, “Yay! This is a way I can dance with people “in person” each week.”


Every Tuesday at 11ish am I invite people from all over the world to Continue reading