What would the world be like without Phish?

aEveryone was put on this earth to shine their lovelights, but for some reason so many of us allow our lights to be dimmed for one reason or another. It’s so much easier to place blame on someone for dimming your lovelight instead of taking responsibility for it.

“It’s my boss’s fault. I get in trouble every time I shine too much so I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s my husband’s fault. He’s constantly telling me why I’m inadequate and I start to believe him so I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s my best friend’s fault. She passive aggressively makes comments about the awesome choices I’ve made in my life so in order to not make her feel bad about herself I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s the winter’s fault. I don’t like the cold and the dark so I turn my lovelight down til summer.”

“It’s the rock in my front yard’s fault. Every time I go outside it looks down on me so I turn my lovelight down.”

aWe can place the blame on everyone and everything, but the truth is we are the only ones who have control over our lovelight switches and dimmers. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does to you. You are in control, not them. If someone is dimming your love light, you’re allowing it to happen.

I was a professional cheerleader for a National Basketball League.  At every home game, I got to put on a snazzy uniform, rev up the crowd, shake my pom poms and dance my heart out. I loved it. It was very competitive and I experienced a lot of light dimmers.

They came in the form of fellow teammates who would tell me I looked fat or too much like a hippie so I would dim my light and try to fit in. They came in the form of people in the crowd who would yell raunchy things at me so I would dim my light and try not to stand out. They came in the form of people in my life who were jealous of my cool job and would passive aggressively put down my choices, so I would pretend I agreed with them and dim my light.

You see, I could blame all those people, but it wasn’t their fault. It doesn’t make what they said to me right, but I can see how it’s just their own insecurities getting projected onto me. Even though it felt personal, it wasn’t. At the time I thought the kind thing would be for me to dim my light so no one would be intimidated by it’s awesomeness, but I found out that’s the opposite of the truth.

The kind thing is to shine your light bright because that allows others to feel brave enough to shine their lights too. It’s actually selfish to keep your light to yourself.

Imagine what awesomeness we would have missed if people chose to dim their lights. Trey, Mike, Page and Jon wouldn’t have inspired millions with their music. We would have no idea who Michael Jordan was. Martha Graham, Twyla Tharp and Alvin Ailey wouldn’t have exposed the world to the epic groundbreaking dance styles they created. We would never know about Martin Luther King Jr’s dream. There would have been a lot less laughter in the world if Joan Rivers didn’t do her thing. How sad a world would it have been if the Grateful Dead didn’t shine their lovelights while singing a song about lovelights?

I challenge you to take charge of your lovelight. How are you dimming it in this present moment? What’s one step you can take today to turn it up? I would love to support you.

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The lovelight in me sees and bows to the lovelight in you,



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