My business advice is to listen to Phish

Feeling super frustrated, I held myself hostage in my office. I wasn’t allowed freedom until I figured out what the next steps were in my business. Things were going slow and I was barely making a profit. I knew I had some awesome ideas that would change the world, but I didn’t know how to get them out of me. Attempting to force them out with all my might, while feverishly working on my computer, didn’t seem to be working. I slammed my laptop shut and went on a Phish Halloween run in Atlantic City instead.

Totally forgetting about my business, I surrendered fully into the experience that is a Phish concert. And that’s when it hit me. I looked around at the crowd of tens of thousands of people when the light bulb went off. If even 1% of these people care at all about what I’m doing, I will be extremely successful.

I had been wanting to create online coaching programs, retreats, workshops, talks and write a book that had the live music fanatic in mind, but I talked myself out of it thinking that it was too small of a niche. 

I had spent a couple of years working my ass off, offering programs to everyone and no one was buying. The reason? I wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular so no one was listening.

Once I started focusing on live music fans who want to rage the sweet life, everything fell into place. I got to speak my native language (jamband) and my business not only became profitable, but it was so freakin fun too! And the people I was attracting were the best in the land. I get teary eyed just thinking about how lucky I am that I got to work with them.

If you know you have amazing gifts to give, but don’t know exactly the avenue in which to deliver them, or you’re stuck, or you just don’t know what your next step is, my advice is always the same.

Go out and see live music. Immerse yourself in the scene. Phish is my way of channeling the Universe. What’s yours? 

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