I F’d Up Big Time

Jumping up like I got struck by lightning this morning, my heart sank when I realized what had happened.

I messed up.

And I messed up big time.

An important meeting I had changed times and I’d forgotten to make the change in my calendar causing me to miss it.

The high from hosting the Wild Woman Retreat this weekend came crashing down and I found myself hiding in my sad place (the dip in my couch made from my butt that I crawled into while drawing the curtains shut). I could have stayed there all day wallowing in the sadness, but I made another choice.

Shuffling like a puppy with their tail between their legs into the room where my bags were, I pulled out my love bombs.

Love bombs are notes every woman at the retreat wrote to me while massaging me, giving me energy and basically just fully embracing me with their love while a song played.

My song was Flashdance What a Feeling. I put it on and read each note where the ladies gushed about my magic, how much they were grateful for what I had created and bring to the world, and how much love they felt for me.

Abruptly I was brought back to myself.

A good person who F’d up and it’s ok. We all F up sometimes.

Here’s a photo of me love bombing myself with the love bombs.
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After that I listened to a song that we co-wrote at the Wild Women Rock Your Life Retreat I led this weekend with Hayley Jane. She came up with the chorus to the song and we were to write something from the feelings that were evoked from her words. Hayley took what we came up with and created this song that instantly made me feel better.

The final product is pretty epic. Check out out and leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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