25 Ways to Gratitude the Heck Out of Your Life

How amazing would it be if we could live in a world where we could be either at a music festival or a show all the time? That’s the dream, but the truth is most of us don’t live in a world where that’s possible. Actually, most of us are not a festival or show more than we are. 

Feeling sad when the show’s over when you have to return home is a totally normal way to feel, but there’s good news! If you work on yourself by upping your health, wellness and mindfulness on a daily basis while you’re home, you’ll start to cultivate the festival from within and life will rock outside of the festival too.

One way to do that is by gratituding the heck out of the little things. 

It’s easy to see what you’re grateful for when you’re at the show, but what about when you’re not? There are so many things to be thankful for when you’re at home if you open your kaleidoscope eyes to the magic that’s happening now. And now. And now. 


25 Ways to Gratitude the Heck Out of Your Life at Home

  1. Resting your head on a soft dry pillow in your warm cozy bed after a long day
  2. A river won’t come thru your home when there’s a little rain like it does in your tent at a festival
  3. Taking a shower and feeling so fresh and so clean clean
  4. Ice on demand
  5. The smell of your favorite essential oil, incense or candle
  6. All the friends you have made because of live music
  7. Dry socks
  8. Clean water that’s available to you whenever you want it
  9. Your job because it allows you to have the means to go out and see live music
  10. Technology. Because couch tour and message boards are awesome
  11. Your heartbeat. You have your own unique rhythm section in your chest that sounds like no one else’s
  12. Photographs to look at from your favorite live music experiences and the photographers who took those photos
  13. Couches to curl up 
  14. Fuzzy blankets to wrap yourself in
  15. Sitting in the sunny spot
  16. Not having to walk that far to use the restroom
  17. Toilets that flush
  18. No loud people raging it right outside your bedroom door while you’re trying to sleep
  19. MP3’s CDs, tapes, 8 tracks, vinyls, streaming channels and radio for listening to your favorite bands
  20. The internet so you can watch your favorite live performances again if you want
  21. Festival promoters for putting on events to look forward to
  22. Your kitchen where you can cook whatever you want easily
  23. Hanging out with your loved ones and family
  24. Peace and quiet
  25. All the clothes, jewelry, posters and pins you have because of live music and live music artists

What are you grateful for right now? Leave a comment.

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