My Monkey Isn’t Very Funky Right Now

Hello from the other side…of a funk. Last week I was looking at all my photos and realized that lately I allowed my light to dim a little.

There are so many horrible, scary and incredibly sad things happening in the world and I wondered if little ol’ me could make a difference. For a moment I felt hopeless.

Closing the curtains to the outside world, (figuratively and literally) I immersed myself in my work and stopped taking care of myself. Some days I didn’t brush my teeth or eat until it was dark out. Other days I wouldn’t leave the couch. I often skipped yoga and my daily walk into town to bring my hubster his lunch.

Remembering that bad things happen because of a lack of love, I opened the curtains, (figuratively and literally) put on sparkly booty shorts, made myself my favorite healthy breakfast and I now feel much better. The curtain hasn’t been lifted completely, but I see the light!

When times are tough, I allow myself to feel all the feels because they are all important. Then, even if I don’t feel like it, I make myself do the tiniest thing to feel even a smidge better. That one thing makes a world of difference because it raises my vibration which allows me to get my mojo back. When my mojo’s back, I start makin moves and my moves make a difference! So, it’s not selfish to watch a silly movie, take a bubble bath or go for a gander out in nature.

What can you do today to feel good? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,


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