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I’m obsessed with live music. You might even say I’m a live music addict too. When I’m at a show I experience so much joy. I let loose and dance my heart out like everyone’s watching, but I don’t care. I surround myself with new and old friends. I can be found in the crowd yelling “woo,” fist pumping, spinning in circles, performing high kicks, busting out the running man, bopping my head, dressed head to toe in sparkles and feathers while giving and receiving as many hugs as I possibly can. I smile so much my face muscles feel sore the next day.I feel at home when I’m at a show and step into my true authentic happy self. So many people have shared with me they feel that same joy when at a show, but when they’re back home the joy goes away. I totally get it and have felt that way too. It’s called, “post-show blues,” and it sucks.I work with people who are in love with life music who feel like they are living a double life (festival-self vs everyday-self.) I show them how to live the good life when the festival’s over. When folks work with me I guide them to let out the authentic expression of themselves that they let out at festivals and shows into they’re everyday lives. And I teach them how to open themselves up to abundance so they can afford all the concert tickets they desire. On top of that…they have a kick ass time doing it! Do you want to stop living a double life? It’s ALL happening…right now!

Keep the Fun Rolling When The Show Ends