How to Feel the Magic When Things Suck

You know those moments that happen in life when everything comes together and you feel so joyous that at any moment you may combust into a pile of dirt, sand and glitter?

I have felt that way many times in my life.

aOnce at my wedding when I looked around and saw my beautiful new husband and realized that everyone in the room was there because of us and I felt a huge wave of love.

At the end of the yoga class I taught in New Orleans that Oteil and Kofi Burbridge had played for and we were all huddled in a circle. Everyone had just said one word that they were feeling and we were all crying.

A couple of weekends ago at Waking Windows in Winnoski, VT I was dancing front and center while Madaila played. The weather was perfect, I was wearing my sparkle skirt and the music was singing to my soul.

At Phish in Hartford it was 75 degrees out and there was a warm summer breeze. I said, “The only thing that would make this night any better is if they played Sleeping Monkey.” The moment the words left my lips, they starting playing the song.

When I was in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica the first time I had just watched a sunset, when all of a sudden I heard Ryan Montbleau’s sweet voice. We followed the sound until we found him at an open mic. There were candles, tropical breezes, delicious chilled wine while Ryan led a group of locals to play beautiful music.

When I feel that way I take three deep breaths. I focus on feeling the feelings in every cell of my body. I find a spot on my body to press like that area on my palm between my thumb and pointer, or my thigh right above my knee, or my lower back I put that feeling in that spot. When I’m feeling sad, anxious or alone I press on the spot and I’m instantly transported back to that moment in time when everything was magical. And then I remember that if I felt that way then I can feel that way in any moment.

I would love to hear all about your magical moments. Share them by leaving a comment below.

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,


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