I recently completed my 41st journey around that flaming ball in the sky that we worship when it shows itself. After eating 18 oysters and drinking two glasses of rose’ the day before my birthday, someone asked me my age. When I said, “41,” he almost spit his beer in my face from the shock of what he just heard. He thought I was 28 which makes sense because that’s the age that I think I am. 

Photo by Conor McMahon

Asking what my secret was I said, “Yoga, smoothies, live music and a little high quality tequila.” 

As an avid live music follower, some of my friends look way younger than their age and others way older and lately I’ve been wondering why. We’re all going to the same events, so what’s the difference? Genetics play a part for sure, but there’s more to it. My research has found that it’s the ones who consciously party are the ones who are glowing and looking years younger than their ages. 

In order to rage it all night with this gang at a festie, my drugs of choice are fair-trade super dark organic vegan chocolate and a cup of black dark roast coffee. If it’s a super special occasion and I’m seeing to explore parts of my brain that I’ve yet to open, you may find a micro-dose of magic fungus and/or cannabis pulsing through my body. 

Rocking the live music lifestyle while keeping up my healthy one is my jam. Just because a festival is happening doesn’t mean that I’m going to toss all my healthy habits into the wind. My solution? I like to call it conscious partying. 

What is conscious partying? It’s a tiny amount of good liquor mixed with seltzer or kombucha. It’s micro-doses of cannabis and/or psychedelics. It’s being high on coffee or mate’ dancing to the late night band, waking up to do yoga and napping mid-day. It’s normally smoothies, but sometimes a Jerry Roll (a huge greasy egg roll that originated in the Grateful Dead lot. It’s bringing your crystals with you and taking some time to meditate in your tent before your favorite band goes on. It’s drinking more water than wine. Basically, it’s just paying attention to what you’re doing and ingesting, listening to your body and always doing what feels best to you in the moment and the next day.

If you’re wanting to get down at a festival, but feel good on Monday too, come to the High On Life Retreat and get to experience all of my tricks in a fun and interactive way. Here’s a taste of what we’ll do:

  • Dance high on matcha (a super powerful green tea chock full of anti-oxidants) or yerba mate’ in the form of lattes
  • Take herbal tinctures and drink kombucha
  • Relax with calming teas and herbs
  • Meditate with crystals
  • Pull oracle cards
  • Eat high vibe plant based foods and learn how to make your own 
  • Participate in a cocao cermony
  • Practice yoga with the aid of CBD
  • Take workshops with me on how to infuse this way of living into your life

Price includes meals, lodging (shared accommodations), all workshops and gifts.

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