Photo by Conor McMahon

If you’re a party animal, the holiday season topped off with a whopping dose of NYE can be a really hard time to not go overboard with booze and all the other things.

As an avid live music follower who is getting older, I’ve noticed that some of my friends require a week or more of recovery time after raging it. My research has found that when you implement conscious party animal tactics, you can still have fun with all your friends, but the difference is that you don’t have to feel like a pile of poop after the party’s over. 

Rocking the live music lifestyle while keeping up my healthy one is my jam. Just because it’s holiday season and I’m going to four nights of Phish surrounding New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean that I’m going to toss all my healthy habits into the wind. 

Instead I’m going to rock the conscious party. What is that you may ask? Basically, it’s just paying attention to what you’re doing and ingesting, listening to your body, being kind to those around you, doing good in the world and always doing what feels best to you in the moment and the next day.

If you’re wanting to get down this holiday season, but feel good in January too, come to the High On Life Mini-Retreat and get to experience all of my tricks in a fun and interactive way. And you’ll leave with a bunch of goodies to unsure your success. Here’s a taste of what we’ll do:

  • Dance high on matcha (a super powerful green tea chock full of anti-oxidants) or yerba mate’ in the form of lattes
  • Take herbal tinctures and drink kombucha
  • Relax with calming teas and herbs
  • Meditate with crystals
  • Pull oracle cards
  • Eat high vibe plant based foods and learn how to make your own 
  • Practice yoga with the aid of CBD
  • Take workshops with me on how to infuse this way of living into your life

Price includes workshops, dinner and conscious party favors.

(If you’d like to stay the night or come a night early to This Wonderful Place we have rooms available for $50/night. Contact me to set that up)

$175 pay in full Get HIGH >>> HERE

2 monthly payments of $90 each Get HIGH >>> HERE

3 monthly payments of $66 each Get HIGH >>> HERE

12 weekly payments of $17 each Get HIGH >>> HERE

Rock Your Life!