Rock Your Life Retreat Costa Rica

If you’re looking to have fun in the sun with a purpose this is it. (The purpose of your own happiness and personal growth)

As a live music fan, do you sometimes feel like the people in your life don’t really get you? We are a strange breed. When an opportunity presents itself to get together in the dead of winter in a tropical location, you may ask yourself, “Where do I sign up?”

But wait there’s more.

Life changing workshops, yoga, meditation, healthy local Costa Rican cuisine, intimate shows from a super special musician (announcement coming soon), an excursion to the famous Whale’s Tale that includes kayaking/SUP, snorkling and more, waterfalls, beautiful beaches and epic sunsets are just some of the adventures awaiting you in Dominical. Magic is normal! 

Maybe you are the type of person that jumps in head first. If you are, reserve your space below. Only 15ish spaces available.


Price includes lodging (shared accommodations), breakfast & dinner daily, Whale’s Tale excursion, yoga classes, workshops, intimate concerts and some bonus activities. Does not include flight or transportation. Non-refundable.

Early bird pricing. Price goes up September 1st

Pay in full $1400  I’m in! 

8 month payment plan $200 month for 8 month s ($1600 total) I’m in!

3 month payment plan $500/month for 3 months ($1500 total) I’m in!

If you are the type of person that needs more information, keep reading.

Testimonials from people who have attended a Rock Your Life Retreat:

“If you are able, do not miss the opportunity to attend a retreat with Taraleigh. Last year’s Costa Rica retreat was literally life-changing and I’ve been counting the days until the next one. Treat yourself. It’s good for you!”

Jeff Metzger

“I’ve been to three retreats with Taraleigh, one in Ohio and the others in Costa Rica! They are absolutely life changing! At the retreat you will endure amazing personal development /growth. You will also meet people who will become your lifelong soul tribe! This is an incredible opportunity! Can’t wait for Costa Rica 2019!!!!!!”

Dee Sepulveda

“I’ve been on retreat with Taraleigh! Magical!!! Thought provoking and FUN!”

Christine Egan

‘I went on a retreat with Taraleigh and Ryan to Costa Rica! It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Absolutely life changing. I now have life long friends. Actually they are family. Don’t miss out!’

Nikki Ahearn

Come to Danyasa Yoga Retreat and Eco Lodge

March 11-14th 2019

Nestled at the base of rainforested mountains on the bank of the Baru River in Dominical, Costa Rica, Danyasa Eco-Retreat provides a sanctuary for living artfully in nature. Danyasa is a boutique yoga retreat center with a focus on providing you with everything you need to explore both the wonders of Costa Rica’s abundant nature as well as the wonders of your inner landscape. We invite you to join us for relaxation, play, adventure, creativity and transformation by way of classes, workshops, concerts and fun. Our commitment to you is to always maintain a level of excellence and an intention to inspire.

Danyasa’s Up-Cycled Shipping Container Rooms Provide a Perfect Blend of Luxurious Comfort and Eco-Friendly Sustainability.

All rooms have real mattresses, top quality sheets and bedding, air conditioning, Wifi, in-room safes and free filtered water.

At the Rock Your Life Costa Rica you will:

  • Connect with nature, relax, rest and play on the beach in beautiful Costa Rica
  • Have plenty of time to get to know all of the other beautiful people who took the plunge to take advantage of this epic adventure
  • Devour Costa Rican cuisine (breakfast + dinner) prepared just for you on site by local chefs Edible Alchemy Foods, a nourishment focused project bringing healthy food to yoga retreats, events, and festivals supplied by Chef Andrea Mattson.  Edible Alchemy’s ingredients are sourced from local farms using organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and permaculture methods of agriculture as much possible, creating a farm to table experience to nourish the individuals creating the container.  By valuing that nourishment which put into our body, we output a higher energetic vibration! 
  • See the world famous Whale’s Tale in all it’s glory by boat, kayak and snorkle.
  • Witness some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world
  • Get your ears tickled by the sweet sounds of the musician (announcement coming soon)
  • Have the option of taking daily yoga classes and workshops led by Taraleigh Weathers
  • Splash in the Cascada Verde Waterfall and go down the natural waterslide

Sound awesome? That’s because it is. Only 15ish spaces available.

Price includes lodging (shared accommodations), breakfast & dinner daily, Whale’s Tale excursion, yoga classes, workshops, intimate concerts and other extra bonus activities. Does not include flight or transportation. Non-refundable.

Early bird pricing. Price goes up September 1st

Pay in full $1400  I’m in! 

8 month payment plan $200 month for 8 month s ($1600 total) I’m in!

3 month payment plan $500/month for 3 months ($1500 total) I’m in!

What happens at Rock Your Life Costa Rica

Picture this… On Monday afternoon you will arrive in one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world located on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. You are greeted with a hug from Taraleigh. You go find your room and get settled in. Before dinner you can check out the beach, swim in the pool, relax in a hammock, take a nap, meet your fellow retreaters or explore the town.


We will gather for a delicious dinner prepared for you by Edible Alchemy Foods. After dinner with will gather for an opening ceremony so we can all get to know each other better.

   aa aaa

Next we will be treated to an intimate show by our musician.


 After the show you can retreat to your room, hang out on the grounds or go into town to enjoy the local Costa Rica culture. This is where you will sleep.  

In the morning you will have the option of meditating, sleeping in, doing yoga with Taraleigh, chilling on the beach, relaxing in a hammock or exploring Domincal. Basically, you can do whatever the heck you want to do. You will be treated to a delicious breakfast.


All afternoon you will participate in life shifting workshops, go on adventures and connect.  

Check out the excursion we’re going to go on: 

Spend the day at Marino Ballena National Park and get a taste of the many different ecosystems in the park.  We launch out through small waves into the Bay of Uvita. 

After an ocean paddle out to the reef at the Whale’s Tail, we snorkel there for a while. Our guide will lead you along the reef, showing you some great underwater sea life.  

After you are done snorkeling, we head over to the Whale’s Tail.  It is a rock and sand formation that occurs during the low tide only.  We then paddle back to the beach and learn how to surf a wave into shore with our kayaks. 

Then we head into a small but incredible Mangrove estuary.  This tour combines it all into one tour (an ocean paddle, snorkeling, walk on the Whale’s Tail, Kayak Wave Surfing, a small Mangrove Estuary, knowledge about the park and its amazing ecosystems!). Your park entrance can be used for the remainder of the day! 

After our daytime activities you will have free time to soak everything in, go on an adventure, explore the town, grab an icy cold cerveza, rest, swim in the pool or play music. 

Every day will be a new and exciting adventure. It’s going to be amazing! We will stop to smell the awesome, rest, reboot, rock out, have fun, push ourselves outside our comfort zones and get really freakin high on life!

Price includes lodging (shared accommodations), breakfast & dinner daily, one excursion, yoga classes, workshops, intimate concerts and other bonus activities. Does not include flight or transportation. Non-refundable.

Early bird pricing. Price goes up September 1st

Pay in full $1400  I’m in! 

8 month payment plan $200 month for 8 month s ($1600 total) I’m in!

3 month payment plan $500/month for 3 months ($1500 total) I’m in!

If this sounds like a dream come true for you, I would be honored to have you. Only 15ish spaces available so if this is something you want to attend…don’t hesitate! It will sell out.

Testimonials from past Rock Your Life Retreaters:

“On this fine Friday afternoon, I’m sitting in my living room. I broke out my old journal filled with old songs I haven’t looked at in ages. With guitar in hand, I began to play one of my old favorites. I looked down and read what Ryan Montbleau had written on my guitar at my first retreat 2 years ago. “Life is pretty fuckin sweet” I thought. I’ve laughed, danced, and played music with one of my favorite singer/songwriters in the mountains of Vermont and got to do it all over again with the love of my life in Costa Rica. Not many people can say that. I remember playing the box drum with Ryan one night at the VT retreat. What an amazing feeling! Taraleigh and Ryan… you two are truly amazing, and you’re doing amazing things by touching the people around you. I love you guys and I love every one of you that came along on the journey!”

Chauncy Wilson

“By now I’ve learned that each of you have influenced me in a way farther than I imagined the day we parted over six months ago. We traveled two entire days to spend just several together in an enchanting rendezvous, cracking open our shells to wake up our souls and share them with strangers. I thought I got to know you all then, but the interesting thing is how much closer I feel to you today, and how I’m watching you transform in front of my eyes! I’m so proud of all of you!

There is a trust I have in every single one of you that I couldn’t have imagined just giving away before our retreat, which reminds me to trust my intuition and the first instinctual thought. Ive learned to celebrate–every. Little. Thing. Since meeting you all, I pay attention to what the angels tell me (and they’re talking loud). I encourage love bombs as an employee birthday tradition in my practice. I speak less and listen more; I know that my story is really best summed up in one sentence AND I’m the author of my future story. I’m not dreading the troughs in life, but see them as release, and opportunity for growth. Since CR, I dance (even when people are watching) and I see them lighten up a little, too. I’ve made decisions that commit me to fun things, adventures, and place me around thoughtful, inspiring, lovely people–I’m attracting them, too!

Thank you the reminders to be kind to myself, to explore my truths, to push myself. When you each text or remind me you love me, when I just know I have cool lifelong friends, support in a multiplier of directions. This is special, really special.”

Katie Wilson

“The retreat with Taraleigh and Ryan changed in me ways I didn’t even expect. Since then, those changes have had a ripple effect and changed other things in my life. I expect the ripples to continue to change me in ways I can’t even imagine yet. To begin with, when you go to a retreat that has some element you’re interested in (yoga, writing, music), you know you are going to meet like-minded people. What you don’t know yet is that you are going to experience a very close bond with these people. The activities that Taraleigh and Ryan create are geared towards opening you up and connecting you with the others in your group. I tend to be in my head and solitary a lot of the time. After spending time with a group of wonderful people at the retreat, I know that I need something like that in my life on a regular basis. They showed me how wonderful and connected you can feel when you let down your walls. I now consider them a part of my soul tribe and I intend to find my local soul tribe over the course of the next year.”