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I love to travel because by experiencing adventures in unfamiliar lands, I always learn so many lessons. My most recent galavant to Costa Rica was no different. Immersing myself in the pura vida lifestyle there taught me so much about living life no matter where in the world you are and it’s my pleasure to share these nuggets of awesome with you. Here’s what I learned about life from my travels to Costa Rica.

Sunset is a very important time of the day never to be missed. The most amazing part is, the sun always sets no matter where you live as long as you reside on planet earth. Take the time to experience the sun’s majestic beauty. Even on a cloudy day when you can’t see it, the sun sets. I learned to pay attention to all the beauty around me no matter where I am.


Eating is an activity that should never be rushed. Savior every bite.


If your body wants cerviche and smoothies every day, that’s what your body wants. It’s smart! Listen to it.


Brushing your hair isn’t that important.

Every woman can wear whatever style bathing suit she chooses. Big bodied or tiny bodied, her size has no impact on her worth. All women are beautiful and should not be embarrassed of whatever it is they’ve got. Same goes for men.


Stepping into the sea instantly grounds you and cleanses you of your worries. So does stepping barefoot anywhere on this planet.

A smile and a hug means the same thing in every language.


The less attachment you have to the plans you make and the more you surrender, the more magical experiences you will have.

Follow your intuition.

You can live this way anywhere in the world. It’s a lifestyle and I’m IN!

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