It’s not your fault that you were born awesome

Hello. My name is Taraleigh and I’m the Queen of starting things, but not finishing them. Another subject that I reign the kingdom over is having a million amazing ideas that never see the light of day. I’m also happen to be the Olympic champion and world record holder of procrastinating until the last minute. In the past, I thought these ways of being were my biggest weaknesses and I tried to put my crooked sparkly square peg into a round hole. Forcing myself to finish the things I started on my own, I found myself feeling like a huge failure because I usually didn’t do the best job no matter how hard I tried. I felt guilty for procrastinating and sad about all of the ideas that were now buried in my idea graveyard.

During an intense coaching session where I was getting supported by three powerful coaches at once I asked, “How can I use how I naturally am FOR me instead of AGAINST me?”

I realized that I loved creating retreats so much because even if I do the same retreat in the same place with the same musician year after year, I think of it as it’s own thing. Instead of offering six month coaching programs, I’ve shifted them to be four weeks long. I look at my book, The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book, the same way. One and done! This way of doing business keeps me from getting bored. The creative idea factory is burning hot for me so I constantly feel inspired to bring more and more new projects to light.

In order to finish what I started when it comes to all of those projects, I used another way that I naturally am FOR me. Being a natural connector and thriving in partnership, I invite others to be a part of my retreats, programs and my book. Having others depend on me and hold me accountable, I complete all the tasks it takes to get it done. If I was left to my own devices, I wouldn’t get it done.

Naturally, I work best when I’m under pressure. If I have no deadlines, I do nothing. Even if I don’t feel ready, I pick a date and put down the deposit for a retreat. I announce online programs when I don’t know exactly what content I want to offer yet. I book speaking engagements without knowing precisely what I’m going to talk about. Once they’re official, I feel the pressure and I get it done with ease.

You see, when I stopped feeling bad about myself for the way I was made, I started to totally kick ass at life and business. Here’s another example:

I have a client who is recovering from addiction. She shared with me that she has been sneaky since she was a little girl. This sneakiness was what was so exciting for her when it came to using hard drugs. Now that she’s sober, she was craving ways to be sneaky again. Asking her the same question I asked my coaches, “How can you use how you naturally are FOR you instead of AGAINST you?” she decided she was going to sneakily do nice things for people without them finding out it was her who did it.

You were born perfect and did whatever came naturally to you until someone told you that it was wrong and you got in trouble. How has your authentic self gotten you into trouble? How can you use it to your advantage instead?

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The magic in me sees the magic in you,


Do you have a deep desire to let the wildest expression of your authentic self out to play (and use it FOR you instead of AGAINST you) with other like minded women? If so, this retreat is what you’ve been searching for. It’s ALL happening Sept 7-10th with me and musician Hayley Jane.

This retreat became a reality because Hayley and I felt a deep desire to create a safe space for women to let their freak flags fly. We know that putting the truest essence of ourselves into everything twe do is imperative to not only our success, but for our health and happiness as well. Pressures of society can make you think you need to put your sparkly and crooked round peg into a square hole. Screw that!!! At our retreat, who you are in this moment is not only welcomed, but celebrated. We’re  jumping out of our skin excited to celebrate the sh*t out of you.

If you identify as a women, Hayley and I would like invite you to slow down, stop to smell the flowers, relax, connect on a deep level, dance, make art, sing, play, cry, laugh and surrender into the magic of what happens when a bunch of ladies get together with a similar intention.  When an experience like this presents itself, you may ask yourself, “Where do I sign up?” Right HERE. (Only 17 spaces available and they’re filling fast)


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