My business advice is to listen to Phish

Feeling super frustrated, I held myself hostage in my office. I wasn’t allowed freedom until I figured out what the next steps were in my business. Things were going slow and I was barely making a profit. I knew I had some awesome ideas that would change the world, but I didn’t know how to get them out of me. Attempting to force them out with all my might, while feverishly working on my computer, didn’t seem to be working. I slammed my laptop shut and went on a Phish Halloween run in Atlantic City instead.

Totally forgetting about my business, I surrendered fully into the experience that is a Phish concert. And that’s when it hit me. I looked around at the crowd of tens of thousands of people when the light bulb went off. If even 1% of these people care at all about what I’m doing, I will be extremely successful.

I had been wanting to create online coaching programs, retreats, workshops, talks and write a book that had the live music fanatic in mind, but I talked myself out of it thinking that it was too small of a niche. 

I had spent a couple of years working my ass off, offering programs to everyone and no one was buying. The reason? I wasn’t Continue reading

For the lovers, the dreamers and YOU!

There’s been something inside of you that’s trying to tell you something extremely important. It’s  been talking to you since you were a kid and at one point you heard it and did what it said without much thought. And it was glorious! Until someone told you it was stupid and you shut it down. That person/people didn’t know what they were talking about because your inner voice/guidance is and has always been a genius and knows what’s up. Now that you’re an adult the voice may be just a muffled whisper, but it’s still there trying to get your attention. Start to listen to it as that voice is your most valuable consultant. Like millions of dollars an hour valuable. At least. Probably more.

In the song The Rainbow Connection, The Muppets tell it like it is.

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.
Someday we’ll find it,
The rainbow connection,
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

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Help! I’m addicted to the white stuff

Addicted to sugar, I would hide in a closet and eat the entire huge bag of cookies my mom sent me
 that was supposed to be for ALL my college roommates. One summer I ate an entire loaf of Italian wheat bread dipped in vinegar and a can of Campbell’s soup everyday. Sitting in my car after going into the grocery store to buy a quart of frozen yogurt, I would eat the entire thing. If there was cheese in the fridge, I would eat all of it. Like over a pound of it. I have drank over 12 diet cokes in one day and that wasn’t a rare occurrence. Often times I would keep eating until all the food was gone even though I was full 25 spoonfuls ago. I weighed myself over five times a day either rewarding myself or punishing myself based on what it said.

I ate whatever and as much as I thought I wanted because I’m lucky enough to be born in a place with an abundance of food that I can afford. I watched a documentary with extremely sick and obese people and one man said something like, “I know I’m sick, but who cares as long as I can eat a huge steak with a loaded potato, large coke and dessert everyday.”

Something struck me when I heard Continue reading

It’s not your fault that you were born awesome

Hello. My name is Taraleigh and I’m the Queen of starting things, but not finishing them. Another subject that I reign the kingdom over is having a million amazing ideas that never see the light of day. I’m also happen to be the Olympic champion and world record holder of procrastinating until the last minute. In the past, I thought these ways of being were my biggest weaknesses and I tried to put my crooked sparkly square peg into a round hole. Forcing myself to finish the things I started on my own, I found myself feeling like a huge failure because I usually didn’t do the best job no matter how hard I tried. I felt guilty for procrastinating and sad about all of the ideas that were now buried in my idea graveyard.

During an intense coaching session where I was getting supported by three powerful coaches at once I asked, “How can I use how I naturally am FOR me instead of AGAINST me?”

I realized that I loved Continue reading

Aqueous Inspired Vegan Tacos

Buffalo, New York is a city on the shores of Lake Erie in upstate New York boasting a 398-ft art deco City Hall, the Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Darwin D. Martin House and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, a Greek Revival museum with works by Picasso and Warhol. Obviously, that’s all very impressive, but now-a-days something new is hailing from the city, and it’s the band Aqueous. The four piece is gaining tsunami strength momentum while doing their thing alongside some of the top acts in live music. The band was formed in 2007 by members Mike Gantzer (Guitar/Vocals), David Loss (Guitar/Keys/Vocals) and Evan McPhaden (Bass) bringing the last piece of their puzzle, Rob Houk ​(Drums/Vocals), on during later years.
I interviewed Aqueous for the Huffington Post recently (you can read the article here) and told them how I dance so hard at their shows that I’m always famished after. Asking them what their favorite thing to eat post show was, they shared that it was tacos. They added some great advice. There’s no need to wait until after the show to chow down on a taco. You can dance and eat them at the same time.
Here’s one of my favorite taco recipes Continue reading

How to know if you’re pulling spiritual shenanigans

Are you guilty of blaming the Universe for something that’s totally your fault?

I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend happening lately with people who define themselves as enlightened or spiritual. The person who instead of taking responsibility for their actions, uses new age jargon to manipulate the situation to their benefit to get themselves out of almost anything, to play the victim, to get what they want, to hurt others, or to excuse their bad behaviors. It’s spiritual shenanigans! I’ve been seeing it more and more and I’ve done it myself many times.

Are you a spiritual hooligan? Here’s some prime examples to find out:

  • You stroll up without a care in the world to meet your friend two hours later than you said you would meet them. Justifying that you’ve done nothing wrong because you were surrendering to the flow and running on the divine timing of the Universe, you believe that tardiness and not sending them a text or calling wasn’t your fault. You expect your friend to accept this explanation as a valid reason, so you tell them chill out and trust that the Universe wouldn’t let you get hurt when they express how they were freaking out thinking you were dead in a ditch.
  • Your boyfriend suspects that you’ve been cheating on him Continue reading

So good I licked the bowl

I made some things and they were so delicious that I felt like I had to share the recipes with you. One was so good, I licked the bowl.

There was a little something special in mine that won’t be in yours though. Hayley Jane was serenading me while I prepared these epic dishes making them taste even better because they were not only infused with my love, but hers too. Since she’s not available to play everyone’s kitchen every night (boo hiss!), you can Continue reading

The Kitchen Dwellers 7 Layer Dip

I interviewed the band The Kitchen Dwellers where I told them that my favorite place to dwell when I’m at a house party was in the kitchen. Wondering if their music was something to be served at a pot luck, what would it be and why, so I asked them the question.
Their answer was, “A seven layer dip. We are mixing a whole lot of flavors into one bite and sometimes it can be hard to distinguish what you are tasting, but it all comes together to form some serious flavor.”
Here’s a recipe for the best healthy seven layer dip I’ve ever eaten. I may or may not have eaten the entire dip by myself in one sitting.

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A Sweet Ass Playlist for YOU from Me

Just in case you weren’t sure, one of my favorite things in the world besides my hubster, my friends, my family,  sparkly things, unicorns, sunsets and rainbows is MUSIC. Listening to live music is my preferred method, but when that’s not possible I rage it at home, when I’m cooking, in the car, walking about town and pretty much everywhere possible. A subscriber to this very blog asked something of me. She asked if I would share some of my favorite songs in this moment. I find that to be a very tall order because my favs are constantly changing and there are so many amazingly talented people out there putting out beautiful music.

Loving a good challenge, I did my best and created The Sweet Ass Playlist on Spotify.  You can listen to it here and if you love it, you can follow it to witness the ebbs and flows of my musical taste. I will be editing the list periodically adding new favorite songs on and removing ones that have served their purpose.

Are you obsessed with a song or artist that’s not on the list. Leave it in the comments below.

I hope this playlist brings a little love, light and magic into your life.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

3 Ways to Bring the Festival to You

Me dancing to Marco Benevento at Frendly Gathering. Photo by Kate Asham

Most of my greatest ideas happen on the concert field. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m obsessed with live music, and anywhere it’s happening is my happy place. When I’m at a show, I experience so much joy. I let loose and dance my heart out like everyone’s watching, but I don’t care. I surround myself with new and old friends. I can be found in the crowd yelling “Woo!” and fist pumping, spinning in circles, performing high kicks, busting out the running man, bopping my head, dressed head to toe in sparkles and feathers, while giving and receiving as many hugs as I possibly can. I smile so much my face muscles feel sore the next day.

In the past, the only time I felt comfortable in my skin was when I was knee deep in a live music experience. The moment the band plays their first note, I exhale out all of the stresses that I carried with me. All judgement instantly evaporates into the patchouli-filled air as I start to notice other weirdos just like me. No one attempts to hide their weird, because why would you? Everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated and honored there.

The hubster and I raging it at Dead & Company at SPAC

This is why I’ve seen the band Phish over 100 times and why I plan my vacations and events around festival and tour schedules. My people (aka my tribe of weirdos) flock there and I always feel safe to let my freak flag fly when I am around them. Not too long ago, I was afraid to let that part of me out when I was at home. I totally smothered the wildest expression of my authentic self and I felt like I was suffocating.

I didn’t go from wearing khakis to sparkles on everything overnight. I like to say I was an authentic self flasher. Now you see the real me. Now you don’t. There was a secret happening below the surface;

My secret was that I was starting to merge my festival self with my not at a festival self. Here’s what I did to bridge the gap.

  1. I almost always had on Continue reading