My ego made me do it

I just committed an unexpected act of kindness and it felt freakin good. My ego was all like, “Hellz yeah Taraleigh! You’re such a good person.”

I must admit something to you. My intentions weren’t totally pure. The helper’s high I felt when I did the nice thing I did made my entire body tingle and the feels were really freakin delicious. I did what I did not only because I knew it would make someone’s life easier, but I did it because I knew the helper’s high was a part of the equation.

Those high vibes motivate me to do even more kind things for people and to spread the love further and further.

Maybe that makes me selfish and egotistical, but who cares?

May we all be a little more selfish and egotistical by being radically kind this holiday season and beyond!!!

Ways to be selfish and egotistical:


  • Write a letter of appreciation for someone who has affected your life in a positive way.
  • Purchase a gift for someone for no reason except that you know they’ll like it.
  • Volunteer your time and energy into a cause you believe in.
  • Offer to babysit for a mom and/or dad in your life that needs a little relief to do something for themselves.
  • Shovel your  neighbor’s driveway.
  • Cook a meal for someone who’s super busy. 
  • Call a loved one you don’t talk to on a regular basis to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  • Donate to your favorite charity.
  • Make a playlist of songs that remind you of someone and send it to them.
  • Leave a package of someone’s favorite foods and drinks on their doorstep for when they come home after a busy day.

What are you favorite ways to be selfish and egotistical? Leave a comment below.

Love you!

The Magic in me sees the magic in you,

Why Live Music is the Fountain of Youth

I’m a believer that live music is the fountain of youth. Have you heard of the blue zones before? If not, they are the areas of the world where people live the healthiest and longest lives. Going to shows is just as important to your health and well-being as eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, fostering your relationships and exercising. Maybe one day we’ll all be able to deduct our concert tickets on our taxes because it’s a key factor to our productivity at work. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I’m going to share with you the nine secrets (plus one of my own) people in the blue zones know and live by. My discovery has been that everything they know and do, we live music fans know too and do too! Check it out <3 

1. Move naturally. It’s NOT bench pressing 100 lbs that will keep ya thriving, but it IS moving in the way you naturally do. The way I dance at a show is a perfect example of that. The music comes on and my body just moves. I don’t have a plan and I don’t think about it. The dance just happens. It’s super obvious when you see kids at live music shows. They can’t help but boogie. Other ways you can incorporate this into your life is by playing your favorite tunes and dance to them while cooking, showering, cleaning and getting dressed. Park far away from your destination and walk. Take the stairs. 

2. Know your Continue reading

Tony Ozier Inspired Auto Tone Sushirrito

I interviewed Tony Ozier about his newest album Auto Tone and it was published in the HuffPost. (Read the full interview HERE) He shared with me that his favorite healthy snack is roasted nori which is something we have in common. When I was in Las Vegas to see Phish for Halloween in 2016, my hubby and I arrived from the airport starving. I can’t remember where we got it, but when it caught our eyes, we knew we had to have it in our bellies.

What was it? It was a sushirrito and it IS as amazing as it sounds. I created one with Tony in mind that you can make at home. It’s funky and fabulous, just like Tony’s newest album! 

Auto Toned Sushirrito

Ingredients: Continue reading

Not a late night ditch party kind of ditch.

Feeling scatterbrained and unable to ever finish what I started, my business was difficult, frustrating and stuck in a ditch (and not a fun late night ditch party kind of ditch).

One day I asked my coach friends , “How can I use my natural way of being FOR me instead of AGAINST me cause who I’m trying to be ain’t workin.”

Light bulb moment fo sho! I’m going to tell you ALL about it and what I did.

If what I said resonates with you, today is the absolute last day you can join me for Rock Your Business. Sign up and learn more about the month long support and mentorship program HERE or send me a message HERE.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

The Pre-Show is Happening Tonight!

Yesterday’s post and video struck a cord (like an epic Trey cord in Divided Sky). Thank you for all of your inquiries and I’m so excited about the people who took the plunge to join us. I’m looking forward to supporting them to have the business of their dreams.

There’s only a few spaces left and if Rock Your Business is callin’, whisperin’ or shoutin’ your name, I don’t want you to miss out. If you sign up by today by 5pm est, you’ll get to participate in the Pre-Show Video Conference that’s happening today at 7pm estt.

Learn more about Rock Your Business and sign up HERE. If you want to talk to me about it, contact me HERE.

I could go on and on forever telling you why I think this program is so important for business owners, but I’ll let Katie (who participated in the last round) tell you all about it. Katie is an herbalist who also owns a shop in San Diego, California. 

Taraleigh: Why did you choose to sign up for Rock Your Business?

Katie: I was looking to find out how you make it seem so easy to run a fun business and still enjoy your life!

Taraleigh: What was your favorite part of Rock Your Business and why?

Katie: I loved the video conferences and the a-ha and magical moments that always occured on them.

Taraleigh:  If you had a friend who Rock Your Business would be perfect for, how would you describe the program to them? 

Katie: If you’re ready to look at your business in a different way then ever before-this program is for you. Taraleigh helps you to see what lights you up- live Continue reading

My Business Advice: Keep it Simple, Listen to Phish & Have Fun

Do you crave the freedom to go to all the shows and festivals you want to? Would it interest you to have the abundance to afford to do it? Wouldn’t it be really cool if you could achieve all of that by doing something that you love that serves the world? If that brings up feelings, check THIS out.

Years ago I was a HELLS YES to all of that and went for it, but I did it ALL wrong. Working myself to the bone while barely making ends meet, I found myself stressed out and exhausted with no time or energy to go to see live music. I called my friends up crying because I felt so defeated. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

The problem? I made everything way to complicated and didn’t follow the following golden rules:

  • Keep it simple.
    • Entrepreneurs are resourceful and creative beings which is a blessing, but can also become a curse. It’s important to discern between what your hobbies are and what your business is.
    • Are there things you’re doing and side businesses that you’re starting that are distracting you from the big picture? Is there a way that you can switch up their purpose so they add to your business instead of take away from it?
    • Stop digging little holes all over the place. Put your focus and energy into digging one giant hole that goes all the way to China and out into the Universe.
  •  Accomplish one task for each project a day.
    • I’m up to many different projects on any given day. When I wake up, I look at all the projects and come up with one action step that I can take for each one and make a list. My list becomes “The Things I GET to Do Today List.” When I do one thing a day for my business, over time I get a lot done! And I’m never overwhelmed. With this system, I work an average of 1-3 hours a day.
  • Listen to Phish Continue reading

Your Cat Will Take a Dump in Your Shoe if You Don’t Read This

I can’t believe it’s actually happening! This winter my book How to Rock Your Life: The Live Music Lover’s Guide to Raging the Sweet Life will be out in the world accompanied by a book tour. What a long strange trip it is to write a book. Holy guacamole! 

There have been so many titles of this book that I lost count. It started out as How to Become a Joy Addict: The 12 Step Program. The title and the guidelines helped me to have an outline to get the book out of my head and onto the page. When I thought it was complete and ready for print, I went to social media and asked people for advice on book covers. When I saw what people came up with based on my title, I realized I had the wrong title. The outside (the title) didn’t reflect what was on the inside (the content). It was like I was wearing a polo shirt with khakis instead of yoga pants and sparkles. 

I knew I needed a new title and I kinda freaked myself out trying to force one out of me. I slammed my laptop shut (gently because Macs are super expensive) and headed to a yoga class followed by a beer with my hubby and friend Judd. I surrendered to the flow and totally forgot about my book until Judd asked me about it. I told him about my title issue and shared how my book wasn’t like other self-help books. It was more badass. I exclaimed, “It’s a badass self-help  book!” 

Judd looked at me and said, “That’s it!”

The next title was born. The Badass Self-Help Book: 12 Steps to Ignite Your Awesome. I rewrote the book with this title and it felt more authentic. And then I stumbled into a bookstore and saw another book with the words badass and awesome in the title. My heart sank. My perfect title pretty much already existed. Back to the drawing board! 

My unicorn soul sister Suzanne is always there for me when it comes to pretty much everything. She’s my go-to when it comes to book questions so I brought this up to her. As I was sadly telling her about my newest book problem, I stated, “I’m not really a badass anyway. I’m more of a sweet-ass. Hence, the next title came to life. The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book: 12 Steps to Ignite Your Awesome.

I rewrote the book again with the new title in mind and it felt pretty great until people started asking me questions when I talked about it. “Who is your book for?” “What’s it about?” Staring into space, I said nothing because I didn’t know the answer. 

I spiraled down a dark hole and came up with titles such as: Flex Your Love Muscle, Don’t Be an Asshole: Read This Book and Your Cat Will Take a Dump in Your Shoe if You Don’t Read This Book and Other Serious Life Advice. Eek!

In a frantic panic, Continue reading

Why Going to Festivals Like Life is Beautiful is Important Now More Than Ever

Tears streaming down my face, I felt despair because people were forced to deal with so much while I was out galavanting at a music festival without a care in the world. It’s easy to pretend everything is honky dory when you’re in a bubble of magic. Feeling overwhelmed, I was having trouble wrapping my head around everything that was happening on our planet. We’re in a crazy state of chaos at the moment. It’s easy to feel like nothing you could possibly do would make a difference, so why do anything?

I took a few deep breaths and thought about why I go to music festivals.

Read the rest on the HuffPost and if it resonates with you, please share. Continue reading

Dear Live Music Family, It Could Have Been Us

Most of my dearest friends and even my husband are in my life because I first met them at a festival or concert.

They’re my soul family and I love them so much.

When bands announce their tours and festivals announce their dates, my excitement goes thru the roof because I know I’m going to get to reunite with my family to do what we love to do.

The people at that festival in Vegas were there for the same reasons. Actually, last weekend I was there with my husband doing the exact same thing as them dancing around without a care in the world in what felt like my safe happy place. That’s where this photo was taken.

It could have been us. It could have been you. It could have been your best friend, sister, brother or that person you see at every show. Actually it was us because those people in Las Vegas attending that festival are us. 

I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around how that must have been for those in attendance. Bullets raining down on their safe happy place…

Something’s got to change.

If you have any ideas for what to do, I’m open to them. Please leave a comment below. In the meantime, I’m going to love, love, love and then love a little harder.  Continue reading