Berkshire Mountains Writers Retreat

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This retreat is for songwriters and book writers.

Earthdance Retreat Center

Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts

November 10-13 2016

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Only 18 spaces available (9 songwriters and 9 writers) so if this is something you want to attend…don’t hesitate! It will sell out.

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  • Are you craving a little magic in your creative life?
  • Have you tried writing and just can’t seem to get past the first few lines or pages?
  • Do you desire a community of supportive artsy folks to help cheer you on to write your masterpiece?

Magic Maker Taraleigh Weathers, NY Times Best Selling Author and Book Coach Suzanne Boothby and Singer/Songwriter Ryan Monbleau invite you to join us at the Berkshire Mountains Writers’ Retreat where you will find your truth through writing.

This retreat is for nine songwriters and nine book writers. As writers ourselves we sometimes feel stuck. Writing is a solitary act and it can be very common to feel alone in the creative process.  At this retreat you will be in a community of writers just like you and surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful nature.  We will break new creative ground in an environment of fun, sharing, and learning.

Hi everyone! Taraleigh here. My soul sister Suzanne Boothby (^^) is my personal book coach. She helped bring my ideas to life for my new book The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book and when she told me that she was interested in doing a writers’ retreat, I knew we had to partner up. Then my soul brother Ryan Montbleau mentioned to me how much he loved teaching songwriting and the light bulb went off.


I thought, “How amazing would it be to do a retreat where half the people are there for songs and music and the other half for books and essays?” Everyone participates in activities all together and experiences small breakout sessions with their specialized coach. Each person receives an in-depth one-on-one with their coach. We all eat high vibrational organic local delicious food. Nature surrounds us with its inspiring beauty. Everyone has the option of participating in yoga, meditation and movements classes. Ryan plays his guitar and sings his beautifully written songs to us. And everyone has plenty of free time to write and connect with nature.”

…and so it was born.

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At the Berkshire Mountains Writers Retreat you will:

Connect with nature, relax, let go and rock your writing project.

Get coached by the best in the business.

Unleash your most creative self.

$900  Pricing includes:

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Only 18 spaces available (9 songwriters and 9 writers) so if this is something you want to attend…don’t hesitate! It will sell out.

What happens at the Berkshire Mountains Writers Retreat?

Picture this… On Thursday you arrive at Earthdance Retreat center located in the Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts after a beautiful drive. You exhale and all your stresses and worries get left behind. You check in with Taraleigh and get settled into your room. After that, you will have some time to get acquainted with your beautiful surroundings, meet other writers, go for a walk and maybe you’ll even spend some time in the wood-fired sauna.

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We will gather in the retreat space for a welcome circle. After getting to know each other a little, we will be treated to an organic local dinner by our chefs. After dinner there will be a group workshop followed by an intimate acoustic performance by Ryan Montbleau.

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Whenever you feel like it you will retreat to your room where you will have the most peaceful sleep of your life. The only sounds you will hear are the sweet songs of nature.

In the morning you will have the option of meditating with Ryan, sleeping in, doing yoga with Taraleigh, writing morning pages with Suzanne or spending time outside in nature before you are served a delicious breakfast prepared for you by our chefs.


All afternoon you will be participating in workshops and coaching sessions led by Taraleigh, Ryan and Suzanne. There will be large group workshops, breakout sessions with your coach, one-on-one instruction, and free time to work on your projects.

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After our daytime workshops you will have time to soak everything in, go on a nature adventure, rest, meditate, play music and/or write. After dinner we will meet in the retreat space for some more awesome.

Every day will be a new and exciting adventure. It’s going to be amazing! We will stop to smell the awesome, rest, reboot, have fun, get really high on life and rock our writing projects!

If this sounds like a dream come true for you, I would be honored to have you. Only 18 spaces available (9 songwriters and 9 writers) so if this is something you want to attend…don’t hesitate! It will sell out.

$900  Pricing includes:

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Each participant will receive either a one-on-one session with Ryan (songwriters) or Suzanne (writers)

Taraleigh, Suzanne and Ryan and are so excited to rock your writing project.

What others are saying about retreats with Taraleigh, Ryan and Suzanne

I’ve had the privilege of attending two very different retreats, both hosted by Taraleigh and distinct mentors. The first retreat was in Ohio, where our Rock Your Life Mentorship group got together after completing a four month program beautiful self-development, empowerment and growth with each other. The second retreat was in Costa Rica, where 25 strangers came together for the greater good of the world and themselves. Though each retreat had its own agenda, both were amazing. They really helped me with my personal development and awareness. I found that after both retreats, I was catapulted into the next level of my life. I was able to tackle things that I have been too afraid to face on my own. The retreats gave me that confidence to push forward as well as having a beautiful support system, free of judgment and negativity. They are my unicorn tribe. I highly recommend for everyone to go on a retreat, not just for your self-care, but also for your self-discovery. Find yourself. Get uncomfortable. Step out of your comfort zone and discovery the amazing rockstar that lives within YOU!

Dee Sepulveda attendee of Rock Your Life Retreats Cleveland and Costa Rica

I have been fortunate enough to attend two Rock Your Life retreats with Taraleigh and Ryan, the first two they hosted though no one would have known that. The level of skill and ease these two talented people ‘brought to the party’ was profound. My life was changed; and I witnessed both groups of strangers who arrived at the retreats leaving as friends who had shared more with each other than most had ever shared with their families.”

R. Grace Comyns attendee of Two Rock Your Life Retreats in Vermont

I was so amazed at how much work I completed at my last retreat with Taraleigh and Suzanne. Originally, I was thinking the retreat was really a social opportunity, but it was way beyond that. I felt so nurtured during my stay, thanks to the the food, the group time, and the alone time, which proved to be something I was really missing. The community of people at the retreat listened to my writing struggles and helped me come up with very tangible ideas that I was able to put into action immediately. The group helped me re-frame my thoughts around communicating with my own community, and learning that was invaluable.

Christine Egan, attendee of Soul Tribe Retreat for Entrepreneurs

I attended a retreat last year with Taraleigh and Suzanne as co facilitators and it was an incredible experience. Having their combined experience and completely different styles of energy was refreshing. It was so nice to see the truest of collaboration and reap the benefit of what they offered individually and collectively. I loved the positivity, the reality, the sense of support and the pushing beyond my perceived limitations. Taraleigh and Suzanne created such a safe and loving environment which fostered a LOT of personal growth. My biggest takeaway from that retreat was that I am free to pursue my dreams, and carry my heart centered business out into the world! Spending time with wonderful role models is so much fun and inspiring!!!

Sarah Richardson attendee of Soul Tribe Retreat for Entrepreneurs 

Joining Taraleigh and Ryan in Costa Rica was incredible; the perfect mix of love, music and paradise. They made every effort to ensure my comfort with the arrangements leading up to the retreat, including committing to going, and throughout the experience. Workshops were enjoyable–inspiring, spiritually challenging and certainly life altering!

Katie Wilson attendee of Rock Your Life Retreat Costa Rica

My time with Taraleigh and Ryan was transformational to say the least. They helped me and a bunch of other beautiful people see ourselves for who we truly are. It was magical. And, there was music! I’d do it again in a heart beat.

Alaina Swanson attendee of Rock Your Life Retreat Vermont