One on One Sessions For Live Music Fans

It’s ALL Happening

Embody Your Festival-Self Daily, Rock Your Abundance and Tune Into Your Magic.

Private, One-on-One Sessions for Live Music Fans

aaLife is what happens when you are out making festival plans. Don’t miss another magical moment.

If you’ve come to this page on my website then you saw something in me that drew you in. Maybe you’ve been following me on social media, bumped into me at a show or festival, a friend referred you to me or you’ve read one of my articles somewhere. It doesn’t matter how you got here, all that matters is that you’re here and I’m so grateful for your presence on my page.

You deserve to feel as amazing off the concert field as you do on.

I’ve been told by many people that one conversation with me has changed their lives. It’s because they were ready to talk to me, ready to hear what I had to reflect to them and ready to take action to allow their dreams to come true. When you are ready, the perfect teacher WILL show up. If you feel that it’s me, let’s create some magic together.

That’s where I come galavanting in. aaa

These sessions are for live music fanatics (like me) that are desiring more out of life than just what happens when they are at a show. These private one-on-one sessions were created for people who are ready to rock their true-authentic-wild-amazing-abundant-free-spirited selves every single damn day. 

Is working together in alignment for you?

Working with me is for you if you want to be supported and held accountable for your actions. I expect that you do your best in every aaaaaamoment which will be different from moment to moment and I promise to do the same. I will speak the truth and I desire you to also. Vulnerability will be celebrated. Dancing will more than likely happen. Laughing and crying will be common occurrences. Rainbow farts might leak out from time to time. If that sounds like an epic 3.0 Phish jam to you, then chances are we will make some beautiful magic together.

 During our private sessions together we can talk about: 

  • What feelings you are chasing that keep you going to show after show and how you can infuse those very same feelings into your daily routine.
  • How to attract abundance into your life so you can easily afford all the concert tickets and festival experiences of your dreams.
  • Different ways to embody more of your festival self every single day.
  • What your fears are trying to tell you, how to listen to them and what steps to take to move forward.
  • Playing with epic morning, daytime and evening rituals to go hand in hand with your live music lifestyle.
  • How to dance and do everything else in your life like everyone may be watching, but you don’t care.


My calling/work is based around supporting live music fans to connect with that free-spirited, go-with-the-flow abundant person that is waiting to emerge from within them by creating a safe space for that person to come out to play even when it’s not show day.

If this sounds spectacular to you and you’re ready to let the good times roll let’s chat. 

There are two ways to make magic together.

one time sessionCopy of Untitled design

It’s ALL Happening (A One-Time 60 Minute Session)


Receive my one on one attention for a full hour over the phone or on Skype. I work really fast with you to get to what’s holding you back from living your dream life and what you need to do next. During this hour there may be moments where you feel like you’re going to spontaneously combust into a pile a glitter, but you won’t. Or maybe you will? It’s your journey and it’s perfect.

Investment $200 Schedule the magic>>>here

Let’s Spend the Day Together: (1 on 1 Full Day Retreat)


Come to my playground  (Burlington, Vermont) or I’ll travel to yours to experience a full day of magic. All of my amazing ideas came to me when I was riding my bike, walking, sitting by the lake, dancing to music or frolicking in a field. They didn’t come while I was sitting in my office staring at a computer screen.

I will custom design the magical day of your dreams based on whatever your goals and desires.

This adventure is different for everyone.

Investment $1500 and up. Payment plans available.

The first step is to have a conversation with me to discuss your dream retreat Day.

Schedule a 15 minute magical mini session with me to discuss if this is right for you. Let me know three days and times (during the day) that work for you. Schedule the magic >>>here

Some magic that happened to people who worked with me:

“When I worked with Taraleigh I learned to put the past behind me. I put event planning into high gear and it’s happening. Instead of letting fear take over i am going for it!!” Lee Crumpton

“While working with Taraleigh I manifested my new job and I’m just so overwhelmed by the awesome!!! I manifested wellness on every level.” Alaina

“One of Taraleigh’s superpowers is listening. The magic happens when you pick up the phone to talk to her.” Suzanne Boothby

” Taraleigh helped me to finally taking the big leap to move cross country. I finally stopped doing what was expected of me and started doing what I wanted.” Nicole

“While working with Taraleigh I manifested friends that are on a similar path as me and they are awesome! It’s something I’ve always wanted to have. Also I am writing and taking steps towards my dream life which included a trip to Peru for yoga teacher training.” Laura Beth

“I learned that everything in my life is happening for me and now I’m aware of it and I’m willing to see it. My mind is healthier than it’s ever been since working with Taraleigh.” Sarah Tallman

“One of the most amazing things that you do for people is that you help them discover, appreciate and celebrate the goodness in their life, whether large or small. You are the mirror that helps them see themselves in a new light that they have often not seen themselves in, and from there, the most unbelievable transformations unfold. You are a catalyst for joyful transformation, and you’re not afraid to call people out when they’re sabotaging themselves.” Morella DeVost

Let’s make magic!

Schedule a FREE 15 minute magical mini session with me to discuss which program is right for you. Let me know three days and times est(during the day) that work for you.  Schedule your session >>>here.