Hi! I’m Taraleigh and I’m obsessed with live music. Everything I do revolves around it. I even met my husband because of it. I totally get you and your obsession with all things jammy like how when you hear the word cheesecake it makes your heart sing a little or when you see someone driving next to you with a Grateful Dead sticker on their car you exchange smiles or how one the most exciting days of the year is when your favorite band announces their summer tour. Live music is what makes me tick which is why I work with people who are in love with life music and want to rock their minds, bodies and souls. Every single day is a gift…not just show day!

Because of this I have chosen to create and produce live music retreats with a healthy twist. My hubster and I just purchased a retreat center in Vermont called This Wonderful Place where we will put on our own retreats and events as well as host others. With the training and schooling I have received I’m now skilled at using my unicorn magic to guide you to rock your most healthy life. 

My book How to Rock Your Life: A Live Music Lover’s Guide to Raging the Sweet Life is coming out early 2018 and will be accompanied by a tour. 



Dancing my way through life (literally and figuratively as an award winning dancer in my school years, dance major at Arizona State University and professional dancer and tumbler for the NBA) I found herself happiest when dancing to live music. It was there that I let my freak flag fly and became inspired to become a catalyst of more wildness in the real world. To deepen my studies I attended, graduated and worked for Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I became a certified health and lifestyle coach. Quickly I realized that live music fans were my most favorite people to work with and after quite the journey I launched my Rock Your Life brand which includes coaching, leading retreats with musicians for their fans, workshops, speaking engagements, writing for publications such as the HuffPost and Relix and books.

What people are saying about me:

“I highly recommend being a part of Taraleigh’s tribe. Unparalleled fun, magic and playful breakthroughs.”

Shannon M

“I went from feeling like I was incapable of ever feeling at peace inside, to thinking that it was possible, but would probably take a really long time, to realizing I better make it happen immediately after watching a small bunch of people close to me die very young. When you have that fire under your ass, other people who have that same fire stick out to you. We might as well have our foreheads painted with some distinguishing mark. By the way, if you haven’t met her yet, Taraleigh has a huge sequined, sparkly mark on her forehead. Actually it’s probably a full blown headdress. You can’t miss her.

Oteil Burbridge: Bassist of the Allman Brother’s Band

“Taraleigh radiates positive energy, and a sense of wonder while embracing the endless possibilities each new day brings!”

Jay Blakesberg: Live Music Photographer (Grateful Dead/Dead & Company/GD50)

“Taraleigh is one of the happiest, healthiest people I know. Everyone wants what she’s having.”

Joshua Rosenthal: Founder of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

“Taraleigh personifies Joy, Love, Magic, and Miracles. Whenever I am in her presence, I feel uplifted, healed, transformed and inspired. She mirrors back to me my Faith in Humanity. If someone like Taraleigh is out in the world, then I know that the healing of the planet is HAPPENING.”

Cora Poage: Soul Coach and Unicorn

Working with Taraleigh allows you reconnect to those moments in your life when everything is and feels right and she does so in a natural, uplifting and spirited way unlike anyone else in the world.

Britt Nemeth: Music Festival and Branding Photographer