I’m taking it all off!

This weekend I learned it’s time to stop pretending that I’m not a powerful leader. Even though I have been leading programs, retreats and day long events for awhile now, I felt as though I was wearing a leader mask because admitting that I was actually a leader was petrifying. I co-led a retreat for the people who participated in my Rock Your Life Mentorship that felt called for an in person experience. We met at a house that we rented on Lake Erie in a town that none of us had ever been to.

All weekend long those beautiful folks who were in attendance  expressed their thanks to me for bringing them all together, for creating a magical safe space for them to explore their true authentic selves and for allowing others to take the lead and shine their lights too. At first I was Continue reading

I’m sad.

Many people come up to me and ask me how I’m happy and positive ALL the time. My answer is, “I’m not.”

Even though I am a sparkly unicorn, I’m also a human being. As a human being it’s impossible to be happy and positive ALL the time. Being happy all the time is like music without the rest symbol. It wouldn’t exist. The rest is just as important to the music as the notes.

Sadness is just as important to life as the happiness.


Festivals have their ups and downs too. At Grand Point North this year I witnessed Marco Benevento choosing to literally Continue reading

Is your shitty life really happening for you?

In the past I decided that I was sick. What happened was I found myself sick ALL the time. I had chronic sinus infections, irritable bowel syndrome and achy joints. I would find myself saying, “If someone around me gets sick I’m the one that’s going to catch it.” What happened was I always caught it and got it worse than the person I caught it from.

I also had a story that I was klutzy and always hurting myself. During those years I shattered my toe, broke my heal, broke my wrist, tore a ligament in my ankle and was constantly falling off my bike and tripping over my feet.

Another story I had was that I couldn’t afford anything. When that Continue reading

The 3 keys to happiness by Trey Anastasio

Just in case you missed this in real life, the stream or in the many places it was shared online, you can watch the epic THANK YOU encore right here right now!

Now that you’ve seen all that magic, did you notice how Trey’s speech pretty much summed up the keys to a happy life? It did and I’m going to share them all with you right now. Continue reading

Get on my guest list

There used to be a clear divide between festival me and real life me which left me feeling like I was wearing a mask in my day to day life. It’s really hard to be truly happy and abundant in all the areas of your life when you aren’t allowing your true authentic self out to play.

For me it was easy to do at a festival because I felt safe there. I danced like everyone was watching, but I didn’t care. I felt free from the judgement Continue reading

If Your Trip Was Short You Might Want to Rock This Cleanse!

This morning I had my favorite post festival breakfast. It consists of coconut milk yogurt with sprouted hemp granola and almond butter. I follow all that awesome by drinking water with a splash of pineapple juice in my brand new Phish water bottle. All of this yumminess is made even better because I added a side of dance party to Sparkle by Phish.


I used to have a lot of trouble doing Continue reading

Want more of that festival feeling? Here’s how to get it

For me, festivals and live music shows are essential to my well-being because they charge my life-battery to the max. When I allowed that festival feeling to be a way of life and not something that I just got to experience at a show or festival, my battery never went empty again.  AND I was able to enjoy not only my present moment daily, but I enjoyed the festivals I went to even more. The reason being I was consciously living in the present moment there too in even bigger ways than I thought possible.

Festival me vs real life me=the same me

a a

To keep this up every day I take Continue reading