Are you a weirdo like me?

I am a self-declared weirdo. In elementary school I desperately wanted to be one of the cool kids even though I had a belief that I was too weird to be accepted by them. I saw how they had this tribe-hood and I wanted in. It seemed from the outside that they were never lonely because they had all these people that were a part of their group. I was never invited to be a member of that group and never tried to form my own group. I was lonely…until high school.

Somehow a group of high schoolers who were as weird as me disguised as super smart kids who were at the top of the class, cheerleaders, sports stars, dancers, leads in the school musicals, singers, burnouts, artists and rebels all came together to form a tribe. We would meet before school for breakfast and wear bagels around our necks all day. We hung out after school and on the weekends. We went on vacations to the Jersey Shore together. We went on camping trips. We had sleepover parties. It was awesome!!!! Those beautiful souls were my first taste of being in a tribe.

As an adult I have found my tribe again. Because of the unconditional love I feel from my tribe I find myself making braver and braver choices in my life. I show them all the parts of me even my shadow side which makes them love me even more. They love the whole me, not just the pretty parts. I feel safe to share what’s true for me. I give support and I receive it. With my tribe by my side I know I can do anything I put my heart into because I have their unconditional support.

If you haven’t found your tribe yet, here are some tips on how to attract your unicorns (aka tribe)

Tips to attract your unicorns (aka tribe) 

  • Set the intention to be a part of a tribe Put it out there and be sure you are clear with your intentions. The Universe always has your back so state your yearning to be a part of the perfect tribe for you.

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It’s not about the music anymore…

Except that it is!

This past weekend I embarked on a journey into the desert. I packed all my sparkly clothes into a backpack, hopped on a plane, jumped into a car and headed to the magical oasis that is Indio, California where the music festival Coachella takes place.


Everyone and their mothers (including my mother) were sending me articles about Coachella. They were titled things like, “What You MUST Wear to Coachella,” “Coachella is For Douche Bags and Trust Fund Babies” and “How to Be Seen in the Coachella Scene.”  The articles made me giggle and I formed a judgement about what Coachella would be like and what type of person would be there. I decided no one would be like me.


When I got there I had a completely different experience. Yes, there were celebrities dressed in outfits that costs thousands of dollars. Yes, many people were trying to out-cool each other. And yes, some people were there for the scene and didn’t care at all about the music. But…

Who cares.

We are all responsible for our own experiences at a music festival. If people want to hang out backstage waiting for the paparazzi to capture a photo of them looking cool, that’s their adventure. If others want to do a ton of drugs and totally forget they are even at a music festival then that’s their adventure too. For me, I wanted to have a musical adventure so that’s what I chose to do.

When I see people who weren’t at Coachella saying that Coachella isn’t about the music, they are wrong. Or maybe they are right. It just like all music festivals are whatever you want them to be, but if you weren’t there you don’t know.

The weeks leading up to the festival I was totally judging the people of Coachella. I was making fun of them and it was because I was intimidated. By bringing them down it made me feel better about myself which as we all know doesn’t really work. The silliest part is, none of it is even real.


The reality was that I danced like a bunny rabbit on acid to ACDC. I immersed myself into the EDM world when Kygo was doing his thing and to my surprise was majorly impressed. I was covered in goosebumps the entire time Florence and the Machine were on stage. I ate a six course made from scratch dinner while rocking out to Jack White. I got taken to church by Hozier. I discovered new bands and opened my mind to music that I thought I didn’t like. I danced with people that before Coachella I thought were nothing like me.

The truth is everyone who was at Coachella last weekend was not that different from each other. We’re all just doing our things. Don’t let other’s experiences become your own. Be a badass and do your own thang!!! Choose your own adventure.

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The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,


I’m coming out!

When challenged by Nisha Moodley’s #FreedomAdventure to wear something I feel beautiful in, I normally wouldn’t choose to wear something that showed all of me. I’ve been embarrassed of my chunky tushie ever since I can remember.

I remember tying sweatshirts around my waist at cheerleading practice in elementary school.

I remember when I had a growth spurt in high school and they had to add material to the booty area of my dance costume.

I remember when I turned 30 and decided I would only wear bathing suits with skirts to hide my thunder thighs and cellulite.

So when choosing what to wear for this challenge I decided that my butt and thighs are MY butt and thighs. They’ve done so much for me. The reason I was the fastest tumbler in the NBA was because of them. The reason I can dance for an entire Phish show on a hill is because of them. The reason I can walk into town every day to bring my husband lunch is because of them. How awesome are they? Why should I hide them? They don’t deserve to be shamed and hated. So here they are and I love everything about them.


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I learned something new!

I love to travel because by experiencing adventures in unfamiliar lands, I always learn so many lessons. My most recent galavant to Costa Rica was no different. Immersing myself in the pura vida lifestyle there taught me so much about living life no matter where in the world you are and it’s my pleasure to share these nuggets of awesome with you. Here’s what I learned about life from my travels to Costa Rica.

Sunset is a very important time of the day never to be missed. The most amazing part is, the sun always sets no matter where you live as long as you reside on planet earth. Take the time to experience the sun’s majestic beauty. Even on a cloudy day when you can’t see it, the sun sets. I learned to pay attention to all the beauty around me no matter where I am.


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Taraleigh’s Blog Has Been Kidnapped!

Hi, readers! My name is Nicole Handel, and I am taking over Taraleigh’s blog for the day, while she is soaking up sun and moving her body in beautiful Costa Rica! I wanted to share with you all a little bit about happiness and service, as well as a way for you to tune-in to your own gratitude through reflection.

Happiness in Helping

When people ask me what I believe in, or what I believe is the root of happiness, all I know is to speak from experience. Thus, I tell them that I believe in wanderlust: that nagging urge to go, to explore, to fly, to soar. Wanderlust is not a simple wish or curiosity to experience new places and things. Wanderlust is both the angel and the devil on each shoulder and in your head and in your every waking moment that repeats a meditative, unignorable mantra: “Journey, journey, journey, journey” into infinity. Wanderlust is not for everyone; it manifests itself in the audacious, the courageous, the imprudent, the undismayed, and above all, the spirited.

It is a strong case of wanderlust that provokes the 2AM flight to Uganda with but a month’s notice; it is that same case of wanderlust that leaves the thinking, the planning, the financing to after the flight booking. Therefore, wanderlust does not have time for the technicality of the world and its demands; Continue reading

There’s no freakin way this smoothie is healthy…except that it is

You asked for it! Here’s how to make one of my favorite smoothies. It’s a mint chocolate chip one and it’s awesome…especially when you make it while rocking out to a Reba jam by Phish.


This smoothie is not only healthy, but it seriously tastes like mint chocolate chip ice-cream. It’s crazy!!!!

Here’s what’s in it:


1 handful greens (whatever you like…spinach, kale, chard)

1/4 cup pineapple (frozen or fresh)

1/2 avocado

1 capful organic peppermint extract

Milk (I used unsweetened coconut milk)

5 figs or dates

Optional superfoods (I used chia seeds, spiralina and nori seaweed powder)


Place everything in the blender and blend while rocking out. If using a vitamix start at 1 and move to 10 and then set the gear shift to high and it will go out of control. Then pour it into a glass and enjoy it because it’s soooooo good!

Feel free to share this video with your friends to inspire more green in their kitchens. Comment below about how excited you are to try this smoothie. <3

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I fell off my wagon onto my sparkly butt!

Whenever I fall off the awesome wagon it’s because without a doubt I slacked on my epic morning rituals. I remember one time this summer when I said to my coaches, “I am in such a funk. When I’m at festivals on the weekends I’m so happy. I feel great. I practice yoga. I am in the flow and magic and miracles happen all around me all the time. Then I go home and I forget to experience the magic and that’s why I’m in my funk. I fell off the wagon and onto my sparkly butt!”

This is me and my sparkle butt in the flow at Gathering of the Vibes


One of my coaches said, “Have you been forgetting to do your Epic Morning Rituals?”

Ding ding ding!

She nailed it on the head. For the next week until I spoke to my coaches again I made it a priority to do my Epic Morning Rituals. A week later when I was back with my coaches and they asked me how I was doing I said, “I feel great! That sh*t that I’m teaching my clients really works!”

We all laughed because sometimes we all fall off our wagons onto our sparkly butts and what gets us back onto our unicorns is routine and accountability.

In this video I explain what an epic morning ritual is, why they are so important and then I invite you to join me for the FREE ‪#‎irockmymorning‬ challenge starting this Monday. The challenge combines the magic formula of routine and accountability.

Sign up >>>here and share with your friends.

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Why I Love When Twiddle Joins Me in Bed

My favorite place on earth is when I’m on the dance floor rocking out to my favorite band. You know the feeling. You lose yourself for a moment in the music and you transcend to another world where everything is magical. You’re surrounded by friends and you’re all connected by the sounds coming from the front of the venue. For that moment you feel connected to something bigger than yourself, happy, free, in the flow, wild and blissed out. In order to feel a little of that awesome I feel when I’m on the dance floor on a daily basis I’ve created some Epic Morning Rituals for myself.

One of my favorite rituals is to move my body to some music. Sometimes I pick a song connected to one of those shows where everything came together perfectly to create a magical moment. Sometimes I let my iPod choose for me.

Today Twiddle rocked my world.

I would love to help you to create some epic morning rituals of your own so your battery doesn’t have to get so drained between shows.

Join me for the FREE ‪#‎irockmymorning‬ challenge happening March 2-4 right >>>Here

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Let’s shower together!!!!

You know the feeling you feel in every cell of your body right as the lights go down and your favorite band walks out onto the stage? Everyone is buzzing with anticipation and you feel like you’re going to jump out of your skin because you’re so excited about what’s about to happen? It’s the best feeling in the world.


I chase that feeling which is why I keep going to shows. The way you feel in that moment may be not be possible to recreate on a daily basis exactly, but you can come close to it. How do you feel in that moment?

Share with me at the bottom of this blog how you feel when the lights go down? I have goosebumps already!

From my experience I feel excited about the unknown. I get high on the buzz from the crowd. I wonder, “What’s this show going to be like? What magic am I going to experience? How big is my smile going to get? Hard hard am I going to dance? How loud am I going to sing along to my favorite songs?”

Instead of only feeling this way at a show I feel it almost every day in my shower (Not every day. I’m a hippie. I don’t shower daily) by doing this one simple thing.

I invite you to create your own ‪#‎epicmorningritual‬ so you can feel that feeling in your own way.  I’ll share my best ideas with you and support you along the way. That’s why I created the ‪#‎irockmymorning‬ challenge just for you.  It’s ALL happening right>>> here. Life can be great in this moment. And this one. And this one too! The world is your festival.

Share this blog with your friends you want to shower with…or go to shows with. Same thing:)

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you,