What would the world be like without Phish?

aEveryone was put on this earth to shine their lovelights, but for some reason so many of us allow our lights to be dimmed for one reason or another. It’s so much easier to place blame on someone for dimming your lovelight instead of taking responsibility for it.

“It’s my boss’s fault. I get in trouble every time I shine too much so I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s my husband’s fault. He’s constantly telling me why I’m inadequate and I start to believe him so I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s my best friend’s fault. She passive aggressively makes comments about the awesome choices I’ve made in my life so in order to not make her feel bad about herself I turn my lovelight down.”

“It’s the winter’s fault. I don’t like the cold and the dark so I turn my lovelight down til summer.”

“It’s the rock in my front yard’s fault. Every time I go outside it looks down on me so I turn my lovelight down.”

aWe can place the blame on everyone and everything, but the truth is we are the only ones who have control over our lovelight switches and dimmers. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does to you. You are in control, not them. If someone is dimming your love light, you’re allowing it to happen. Continue reading

2014 was the year I got chased by a tiger

My theme in my yoga class for 2014 was to try to feel good in even the most uncomfortable positions. Whether I was in a crazy arm balance, all twisted up or in painful pigeon pose I surrendered to the pain and found a way to feel good. When you can teach yourself how to do this, you will never suffer again. Pain is inevitable, but the suffering part is optional. Check out this video to see exactly what I mean.

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 8.56.57 AM

2014 brought me many chances to practice my yoga theme off the mat and it scared to sparkle out of me. There are two types of fear. Help I’m being chased by a tiger fear and insane roller coaster fear. When you are experiencing the first type of fear, your life is actually in danger. You body tells you to run for your life and get out of that situation as fast as possible. When you are experiencing the second type of fear your body tells you to run for your life and get out of that situation as fast as possible. The thing is when you go on a roller coaster, your life isn’t actually in danger even though it feels physically the same as the tiger situation.

When I was feeling uncomfortable and scared in my life this year my body told me to run as fast as I could and get the hell out of there. What I had to do was feel that fear, know my life wasn’t in danger and do whatever I needed to do anyway. Continue reading

Help! I’m being chased by an ax murderer

Happy 2015!  This year it’s ALL happening. Whatever happened in the past is the past. You didn’t make any mistakes although you might have figured out 10,000 ways that didn’t work. It’s all a part of igniting your awesome and living your best most amazing life. If you don’t like the direction your life is going, change directions. If what you’re doing isn’t working stop doing it and try something else. What do you have to lose?

You know how when there’s something in your life you know isn’t working and you are scared sh*tless to let it go, but you know if you do it will open up the space for the awesome stuff to come in, but for some reason you feel paralyzed? I know that feeling so well. I’ve been afraid to let go of relationships, careers and locations that didn’t serve me. Once I finally did take the leap I never said, “Wow! I wish I was still doing that job that sucked my soul” or “It would be awesome if I was still in that abusive Continue reading

We’ve got a simple smoothie cause we’ve got a band


The Simple Smoothie

We’ve got a simple smoothie cause we’ve got a band. And we’ve got simple smoothies in the band. This smoothie is easy like Sunday morning, delicious and full of a lot of goodness.


1 cup fresh or frozen spinach, kale, chard or a combination of all three

1 cup milk (hemp, almond, rice, soy or organic milk)

1/2 cup fresh or frozen pineapple

1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango

1 frozen peeled banana

Optional add ins:

1/2 tbsp seaweed powder

1/2 tbsp spiralina


Put greens and milk in the blender and blend until smooth.

Add everything else and blend while dancing. You enjoy this smoothie because you’ve been hit with a smoothie criminal.


How to Reclaim Your Awesome in a Wild World

Life can be very demanding and overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like we have little to no control over the situations we’re in and it can feel like we’re drowning. If we don’t check in with ourselves about the stress we’re putting on ourselves, it will take a toll on everything in our lives and we lose our awesome.

Relationships will suffer.

Your health will suffer.

Your well-being will suffer.

Your awesome will suffer.

When this happens your light will dim and it will be almost impossible to do anything. Taking time to relax, rest and to recharge your battery isn’t a luxury. Hell no! It’s a necessity. It’s as important as brushing your teeth, eating and sleeping. 

Phish said it best when they said,

We want you to be happy
Don’t live inside the gloom
We want you to be happy
Come step outside your room
We want you to be happy
Cause this is your song too.”

Have you lost a little bit of your awesome?  Do you have any of these symptoms? Continue reading

4 Easy Ways to Live in a State of Gratitude Everyday Damn Day

There is research that I’m too busy expressing gratitude to look up and verify for you, that says grateful people are generally happy people. When you are living in a state of gratitude you will feel more optimistic about life. Your glass will feel full and stuffed with sparkles, good times and magic. I want a glass full of all of that awesome and if that’s not a reason to make gratitude a daily habit, I don’t know what is.

An easy way to start this attitude of gratitude is to think about what you are thankful for once a day. At first this might be difficult or seem like a daunting and difficult task, but the more you do it, the more it will become second nature for you.

To make it even easier for you (because who doesn’t like easy things?) I created this list:


  1. Keep an Continue reading
One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

This used to be my morning.

I woke up and rolled over to grab my cell phone. I checked my emails. I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed. Eventually I rolled out of bed and made my way to my computer. I would start working right away still in a sleepy fog. I would half ass work all morning. I would realize what time it was and jump up while in a major computer haze, run around my house like a maniac trying to get everything together for lunch, brush my teeth (because I forgot to earlier,) pee (holy moly I had to go so bad,) realize I don’t have time to shower, make lunch or walk into town to meet my husband for lunch so I drive and buy lunch and I stink.

I totally fell off my unicorn!

Sound familiar in your own personal way?

I started a morning routine and it shifted my morning in a major way. I decided I was going to party!

Some of my favorite times in life have happened because of Continue reading

Les Claypool Rocked My Weird

When I think of Les Claypool I can’t help but smile. He is so unapologetically authentically weird-wild-silly-light and dark all at the same time. I love all of those parts of Les because they are the essence of who he is to the core.  Most of his bass driven music sounds a little like a freaky dark soundtrack to a fabulously crazy scary fairytale. Les showed us his take on what he thinks the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack should sound like with his band Primus’s latest album Primus and the Chocolate Factory.  And then he took it on the road for our hearing and viewing pleasures.

My senses were treated to the Primus and the Chocolate Factory tour at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, Vermont. When the curtain opened I was immediatly transported into the chocolate factory in Les’s mind. It was incredible. It looked like this:

a a a a


That magical evening Les taught me many valuable life lessons. Here’s what they were: Continue reading

Help! I’m suffering from FOMO

There is a new syndrome in town and it’s becoming a world-wide epidemic. It’s something you might be suffering from right now and it’s very serious. What it is? Check out this scenario and let me know if any of it sounds familiar?

This weekend I consciously and intentionally decided to stay home and celebrate Halloween at home. instead of flying down to Las Vegas for Phish. I felt good about my decision. That is until I turned on my phone and started scrolling down my Facebook feed seeing photo after photo like these:

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 10.15.51 AM Continue reading