If Your Trip Was Short You Might Want to Rock This Cleanse!

This morning I had my favorite post festival breakfast. It consists of coconut milk yogurt with sprouted hemp granola and almond butter. I follow all that awesome by drinking water with a splash of pineapple juice in my brand new Phish water bottle. All of this yumminess is made even better because I added a side of dance party to Sparkle by Phish.


I used to have a lot of trouble doing all of the above when I came home from a festival and suffered from a mega-case of post-festival blues. I was so sad and tired that my car was left full of trash and festival gear. My suitcase stayed packed full of dirty clothes on my floor for weeks. I would be too lazy to make myself good food so I would get chinese take-out and fast food. All of that added to my post-festival blues and the cycle continued until I got to go to the next festival.

I had to do something different because I was missing all the awesome that was happening in my day to day life. My eyes were closed to all of it. It was like when I was at a festival I was awake to all the magic of the Universe. When I was at home I was sleeping through life and going through the motions I had to in order to stay alive.

I asked my soul sista Richele Henry if she would be down to develop a simple cleanse for someone like me (the avid festival goer) and it changed my post-festival experience from the blues to sparkles. Dance parties are even recommended in this cleanse!!! It’s simple, fun and gets you feeling back to your best self in no time.

If you know all too well how the post-festival struggle is real you can purchase the Rock Your Life Cleanse: the 3-Day Post-Festival Detox Plan by clicking on the picture below.

rock your life cleanse

Another way to kick the post-festival blues in the bootie is to get yourself on the guest list for my FREE Virtual Festival that I’m throwing in September. See you there. #beyourownfestival

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The awesome in me sees and blows to the awesome in you,


Want more of that festival feeling? Here’s how to get it

For me, festivals and live music shows are essential to my well-being because they charge my life-battery to the max. When I allowed that festival feeling to be a way of life and not something that I just got to experience at a show or festival, my battery never went empty again.  AND I was able to enjoy not only my present moment daily, but I enjoyed the festivals I went to even more. The reason being I was consciously living in the present moment there too in even bigger ways than I thought possible.

Festival me vs real life me=the same me

a a

To keep this up every day I take Continue reading

Today is the day to wear tie dyed underwear under your suit

For this week’s episode of Tuesdays with Taraleigh (that’s me) I was inspired by a Facebook post my friend Katie shared. You know how when you experience an epic musical adventure you feel over the moon bliss? I used to feel that in that space was the only place I was safe to truly be myself. It’s where I would dress the way I wanted to dress. It’s where I would hug strangers. It’s where I would exchange smiles with everyone I passed. It’s where I danced the way my body wanted to dance and I didn’t care who was watching. It’s where I felt as though I was a part of something way bigger than myself. It was my version of church.

Then I would come home and put on plain clothes and go to a job I despised. It felt like I was living a double life and I wasn’t quite sure Continue reading

Go see live music. Save the World! Tuesdays with Taraleigh

I spent a lot of money on protecting my cell phone. I bought a fancy case to protect it from breaking. When I see that the battery is low I go to great lengths to find a charger so my battery doesn’t die.

I used to not take those same precautions for myself. I didn’t do anything to protect myself and I would keep on giving and going until my battery would eventually die.

One day I heard a message from the Universe that said when I take the time to get a massage, go out to see live music, take a walk in nature and have a dance party, I’m actually giving self-care to the world and that it’s a really important act to do. I used to think it was selfish to do Continue reading

The FOMO is back! Here’s what to do if you aren’t going to Chicago this weekend

I wrote about this topic when Phish was playing in Las Vegas for Halloween and I had chose not to go. I had a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) that I shifted into JOMO (joy of missing out). I’m feeling that nasty FOMO sneak up on me again as the Grateful Dead with Trey Anastasio from Phish are doing their Fare Thee Well shows in the windy city.  I consciously and intentionally decided to go to the Finger Lakes to hang out with my husband’s amazing family for our annual forth of July celebrations. I feel really good about my decision, but after turning on my phone and seeing status after status of so many of my friends starting their journey to Chicago I started to feel a little bit of FOMO.

There are three ways to react to a situation as serious as this one:

  1. I could put down my phone and celebrate my decision.
  2. I may feel regret and question my choice.
  3. I might start sweating from anxiety and grief because my life is boring and I’m potentially missing out on the most amazing experiences of my life. I could be so distraught that I decide not to go to the Finger Lakes and cry myself to sleep.

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Tuesdays with Taraleigh: Channel Your Inner Trey Anastasio

It’s Tuesday which means it’s Tuesdays with (me) Taraleigh where I show you a glimpse into my wild and whacky world. This week I share how to surrender to the flow like Trey Anastasio did during night two of the Santa Clara Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary show and how you can too!

In the comments section share with the world a goal that you have and then write “I surrender” after it.

…and so it is! Continue reading