One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

One Way to Get Back On Your Unicorn When You Fall Off

This used to be my morning.

I woke up and rolled over to grab my cell phone. I checked my emails. I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed. Eventually I rolled out of bed and made my way to my computer. I would start working right away still in a sleepy fog. I would half ass work all morning. I would realize what time it was and jump up while in a major computer haze, run around my house like a maniac trying to get everything together for lunch, brush my teeth (because I forgot to earlier,) pee (holy moly I had to go so bad,) realize I don’t have time to shower, make lunch or walk into town to meet my husband for lunch so I drive and buy lunch and I stink.

I totally fell off my unicorn!

Sound familiar in your own personal way?

I started a morning routine and it shifted my morning in a major way. I decided I was going to party!

Some of my favorite times in life have happened because of Continue reading

Les Claypool Rocked My Weird

When I think of Les Claypool I can’t help but smile. He is so unapologetically authentically weird-wild-silly-light and dark all at the same time. I love all of those parts of Les because they are the essence of who he is to the core.  Most of his bass driven music sounds a little like a freaky dark soundtrack to a fabulously crazy scary fairytale. Les showed us his take on what he thinks the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack should sound like with his band Primus’s latest album Primus and the Chocolate Factory.  And then he took it on the road for our hearing and viewing pleasures.

My senses were treated to the Primus and the Chocolate Factory tour at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, Vermont. When the curtain opened I was immediatly transported into the chocolate factory in Les’s mind. It was incredible. It looked like this:

a a a a


That magical evening Les taught me many valuable life lessons. Here’s what they were: Continue reading

Help! I’m suffering from FOMO

There is a new syndrome in town and it’s becoming a world-wide epidemic. It’s something you might be suffering from right now and it’s very serious. What it is? Check out this scenario and let me know if any of it sounds familiar?

This weekend I consciously and intentionally decided to stay home and celebrate Halloween at home. instead of flying down to Las Vegas for Phish. I felt good about my decision. That is until I turned on my phone and started scrolling down my Facebook feed seeing photo after photo like these:

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Do I look fat in this dress?

My boobs are too small. Oh wait! No. My boobs are too big. My butt is so huge and full of cellulite. I’m so gross! If I suck in my stomach really hard it will look ok. Ugh. It’s still not flat enough.  My thighs are so huge everyone must be staring at them thinking horrible things. My gums are too big and my teeth are too small. I probably should never smile again.  Damn it! Why aren’t my eyes blue and my hair blonde? My brown eyes and hair are so boring. Why do I have so many curves! Go away curves! If I was taller, thinner and prettier my life would be so much better.

This is the way I used to think about myself. I would never think those things about anyone else ever! I was my own worst enemy.

I put all my worth into what I looked like, so I was never enough.

Society and the media put so much emphasis on what you look like and not much on what’s going on inside. I decided to conduct an experiment of my own to see what my peers thought of my physical appearance.

I asked people on my Facebook page to describe what I looked like physically. I asked them to be honest and to not hold back. The answers I got kind of shocked me. I thought people were going to describe what I looked like focusing on my flaws, but that’s not what happened.

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I’m a bad, bad girl

Yes. It’s true. There was a time in my life when a little boy who was in kindergarden had me visualizing throwing him down the stairs. After he crawled back up the stairs, I pictured myself spitting on him and throwing him back down the stairs. I obviously couldn’t ever imagine taking action on the vision, but I was so disturbed that I even had this thought in my head. The thing is, I actually really love children, so this visualization was totally out of character and I felt horrible about it.

It had nothing to do with that little boy who was a genius at pushing my buttons.

It had everything to do with that fact that I was leading a double life and I was mad about it. My soul wanted one thing and my actions didn’t align.

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Oops! I fell off my unicorn

Hello. My name is Taraleigh and I guide people who are in love with live music. I help them let the authentic expression of themselves that they let out at festivals  show in their everyday lives, so they don’t have to feel like they’re leading a double life anymore. I teach them how to add more abundance into their lives so they can afford all the concert tickets they desire while having a lot of fun.

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  That’s because it is, but sometimes I totally forget to embody what I teach.

It’s interesting how I felt like I was sleeping through life instead of living it awake. I felt like I was in a rut and I didn’t know how to get out. I was stuck. I’m forever grateful to my own coaches that I’ve enrolled to support me. They opened my eyes to what I was doing. I’m excited to report that when I started to embody what I was teaching again that the sh*t really works!!!

Since I’m just one big mirror of you I’m guessing many of you can relate to what I’m saying.

One major thing I forgot to do that works like magic for the people I work with is to start my day with a Continue reading

What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

A couple of days ago on Facebook I asked, “What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?”

The responses were so great. They looked a little like this:

Gave birth to my children.

Helped to make my children.

Went backpacking in Australia for four months by myself.

Saved a couple of lives.

Got into Phish.

Faced my biggest fear.

Married my best friend.

Finding forgiveness and letting go.

Made a conscious decision to be kind everyday and to be grateful everyday.

Miracled eight people from Maine with great seats at a Grateful Dead show.

Then someone asked me what the best thing I’ve ever done was. At first I was stumped. I started going into the files of my brain to figure out what I did in my life Continue reading

Oteil Burbridge is Obsessed with Bass + Hula Hooping

Oteil Burbridge is one of the best bassists in the world. He’s a two time grammy winner who rocks out all over the world with the legendary Allman Brothers’  Band. When we first met it was at a music festival called Jungle Jam in Costa Rica where he was playing with Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzman. I saw him on stage with the biggest smile and I thought, “I want to be friends with that man.”

The next day I was in a yoga class and I looked over and the smiling bassist was practicing right next to me. After class I told him how awesome I thought he was and that  I wanted to be friends with him. This could have freaked him out, but he said, “I think Continue reading

Busted! I’m a faker

For years I was faking it. I thought I loved myself, but my actions didn’t come close to matching.  I acted as though I was mediocre. I treated myself in ways I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy. The way I was acting toward myself  was being mirrored back to me in all areas of my life, from my diet, I would drive from fast food restaurant to fast food restaurant raiding their dollar menus and I would eat entire loaves of bread and quarts of ice-cream even though they would hurt my stomach badly. It affected my relationships, too, and the ways I treated my body because I was so mean and focused on hating parts of it. My careers or lack there of suffered as I was in a job where I would pray I would get into a car accident so I didn’t have to go or held jobs just for the money. Even my home environment felt it. It was a disaster zone full of clutter. And even my hygiene was affected like how I hadn’t gone to the dentist in years. It was reflected in the way I dressed myself. As my grandma would say, “I was Continue reading