Your Cat Will Take a Dump in Your Shoe if You Don’t Read This

I can’t believe it’s actually happening! This winter my book How to Rock Your Life: The Live Music Lover’s Guide to Raging the Sweet Life will be out in the world accompanied by a book tour. What a long strange trip it is to write a book. Holy guacamole! 

There have been so many titles of this book that I lost count. It started out as How to Become a Joy Addict: The 12 Step Program. The title and the guidelines helped me to have an outline to get the book out of my head and onto the page. When I thought it was complete and ready for print, I went to social media and asked people for advice on book covers. When I saw what people came up with based on my title, I realized I had the wrong title. The outside (the title) didn’t reflect what was on the inside (the content). It was like I was wearing a polo shirt with khakis instead of yoga pants and sparkles. 

I knew I needed a new title and I kinda freaked myself out trying to force one out of me. I slammed my laptop shut (gently because Macs are super expensive) and headed to a yoga class followed by a beer with my hubby and friend Judd. I surrendered to the flow and totally forgot about my book until Judd asked me about it. I told him about my title issue and shared how my book wasn’t like other self-help books. It was more badass. I exclaimed, “It’s a badass self-help  book!” 

Judd looked at me and said, “That’s it!”

The next title was born. The Badass Self-Help Book: 12 Steps to Ignite Your Awesome. I rewrote the book with this title and it felt more authentic. And then I stumbled into a bookstore and saw another book with the words badass and awesome in the title. My heart sank. My perfect title pretty much already existed. Back to the drawing board! 

My unicorn soul sister Suzanne is always there for me when it comes to pretty much everything. She’s my go-to when it comes to book questions so I brought this up to her. As I was sadly telling her about my newest book problem, I stated, “I’m not really a badass anyway. I’m more of a sweet-ass. Hence, the next title came to life. The Sweet Ass Self-Help Book: 12 Steps to Ignite Your Awesome.

I rewrote the book again with the new title in mind and it felt pretty great until people started asking me questions when I talked about it. “Who is your book for?” “What’s it about?” Staring into space, I said nothing because I didn’t know the answer. 

I spiraled down a dark hole and came up with titles such as: Flex Your Love Muscle, Don’t Be an Asshole: Read This Book and Your Cat Will Take a Dump in Your Shoe if You Don’t Read This Book and Other Serious Life Advice. Eek!

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Why Going to Festivals Like Life is Beautiful is Important Now More Than Ever

Tears streaming down my face, I felt despair because people were forced to deal with so much while I was out galavanting at a music festival without a care in the world. It’s easy to pretend everything is honky dory when you’re in a bubble of magic. Feeling overwhelmed, I was having trouble wrapping my head around everything that was happening on our planet. We’re in a crazy state of chaos at the moment. It’s easy to feel like nothing you could possibly do would make a difference, so why do anything?

I took a few deep breaths and thought about why I go to music festivals.

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Dear Live Music Family, It Could Have Been Us

Most of my dearest friends and even my husband are in my life because I first met them at a festival or concert.

They’re my soul family and I love them so much.

When bands announce their tours and festivals announce their dates, my excitement goes thru the roof because I know I’m going to get to reunite with my family to do what we love to do.

The people at that festival in Vegas were there for the same reasons. Actually, last weekend I was there with my husband doing the exact same thing as them dancing around without a care in the world in what felt like my safe happy place. That’s where this photo was taken.

It could have been us. It could have been you. It could have been your best friend, sister, brother or that person you see at every show. Actually it was us because those people in Las Vegas attending that festival are us. 

I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around how that must have been for those in attendance. Bullets raining down on their safe happy place…

Something’s got to change.

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I’ve Seen All Good Dark Chocolate Snack Bites: Inspired by Yes

With hearts in his eyes, a man bought tickets to a Yes concert 45 years ago hoping his love interest would attend the concert with him. He just started dating this woman and boldly asked her to join him at the concert that was happening months from the time of his big ask. Freaked out that this man she just met was planning their future together already, she said yes anyway. After the show, she decided that she liked this man a lot. So much in fact that she’s been happily married to him for 44 years, they have two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. Those love birds were my parents. Without the band Yes, I might not exist. When I was presented the opportunity to interview Jon Anderson I gave the obvious answer. Yes! You can read the interview HERE.
 I’ve Seen All Good Dark Chocolate Snack Bites: Inspired by Yes

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Lance Herbstrong Vegan Ceviche

I had the pleasure of chatting with Kamal Soliman from the band Lance Herbstrong for an interview I was conducting for the HuffPost. You can read the interview HERE.

When I asked Kamal for his favorite healthy snack he excitedly exclaimed, “Roadside Costa Rican ceviche de pescado!!”

Spending a lot of time in Costa Rica myself the  past five years, I couldn’t agree with Kamal more. My friends are worried every time I return home after traveling to Central America because they fear that I might turn into ceviche from eating it almost daily. 

Living in Vermont, finding fresh white fish to make ceviche safely is pretty much impossible. Crushed by the thought of not indulging in my favorite treat for a year, I scoured the interwebs for a solution and that’s when I found out that you can substitute the fish for mushrooms. Whaaaaaaat? Could it be true? Well folks, it’s true and it’s amazing!

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My business advice is to listen to Phish

Feeling super frustrated, I held myself hostage in my office. I wasn’t allowed freedom until I figured out what the next steps were in my business. Things were going slow and I was barely making a profit. I knew I had some awesome ideas that would change the world, but I didn’t know how to get them out of me. Attempting to force them out with all my might, while feverishly working on my computer, didn’t seem to be working. I slammed my laptop shut and went on a Phish Halloween run in Atlantic City instead.

Totally forgetting about my business, I surrendered fully into the experience that is a Phish concert. And that’s when it hit me. I looked around at the crowd of tens of thousands of people when the light bulb went off. If even 1% of these people care at all about what I’m doing, I will be extremely successful.

I had been wanting to create online coaching programs, retreats, workshops, talks and write a book that had the live music fanatic in mind, but I talked myself out of it thinking that it was too small of a niche. 

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For the lovers, the dreamers and YOU!

There’s been something inside of you that’s trying to tell you something extremely important. It’s  been talking to you since you were a kid and at one point you heard it and did what it said without much thought. And it was glorious! Until someone told you it was stupid and you shut it down. That person/people didn’t know what they were talking about because your inner voice/guidance is and has always been a genius and knows what’s up. Now that you’re an adult the voice may be just a muffled whisper, but it’s still there trying to get your attention. Start to listen to it as that voice is your most valuable consultant. Like millions of dollars an hour valuable. At least. Probably more.

In the song The Rainbow Connection, The Muppets tell it like it is.

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.
Someday we’ll find it,
The rainbow connection,
The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

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Help! I’m addicted to the white stuff

Addicted to sugar, I would hide in a closet and eat the entire huge bag of cookies my mom sent me
 that was supposed to be for ALL my college roommates. One summer I ate an entire loaf of Italian wheat bread dipped in vinegar and a can of Campbell’s soup everyday. Sitting in my car after going into the grocery store to buy a quart of frozen yogurt, I would eat the entire thing. If there was cheese in the fridge, I would eat all of it. Like over a pound of it. I have drank over 12 diet cokes in one day and that wasn’t a rare occurrence. Often times I would keep eating until all the food was gone even though I was full 25 spoonfuls ago. I weighed myself over five times a day either rewarding myself or punishing myself based on what it said.

I ate whatever and as much as I thought I wanted because I’m lucky enough to be born in a place with an abundance of food that I can afford. I watched a documentary with extremely sick and obese people and one man said something like, “I know I’m sick, but who cares as long as I can eat a huge steak with a loaded potato, large coke and dessert everyday.”

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