5 Things I Learned About Life From Music Festivals

Approximately 20 years ago my parents brought me to my first music festival. We headed to upstate NY to the original site of Woodstock, where an unofficial festival was happening to celebrate 25 years since the original festival took place. Within minutes of being there I saw naked people running around throwing glitter looking happy and free.  Thank you mom and dad for that experience even though I’m pretty sure that witnessing naked people with your teenage daughters and their friends was probably pretty embarrassing for you.

After that first experience I’ve gone to more music festivals than I can count and I’ve learned so many things about life.  Here are six of those things:

  1. Be yourself because who you are is awesome. The first time I felt it was safe to be my weird, wild and quirky self in all my glory was at a music festival.  I allowed myself to be a true expression of my authentic self. I’ve learned to let that side out in my day to day life. People were going to judge me no matter what so I decided I might as well let my freak flag fly.
  2. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  For one weekend tens of thousands of people gather somewhere because they love music and create their own temporary city. We’re all living in that crazy city together and when we all watch out for each other it’s magical. Everyone at some point was somebody’s baby. Thinking that way really helps to feel compassion and love for every person even when people sometimes act shady.
  3. People aren’t always what they seem. I’ve seen men and women dressed in crazy costumes, spinning in circles and dancing like lunatics and then finding out later that they are lawyers, teachers, politicians, activists and doctors.
  4. Listen to your body. I like to compare going to a music festival to running a marathon.  You’ve gotta pace yourself,  put enough fuel in your body, drink enough water and get enough rest.
  5. Go with the flow. I’ve created schedules for music festivals that I tried to keep , and often when I did that I missed a magical experience that was happening right in front of me. Life is what happens when you’re out making other plans. Surrender to the flow and watch the magic and miracles unfold.

I am so excited to bring all of these life lessons with me to Gathering of the Vibes this year.

Hope to see you all there. For more info & to buy tix visit: www.GoVibes.com #GoVibes #VibeTribe

The awesome in me sees and bows to the awesome in you.









How I Got Featured in the Huffington Post

It was a miraculous day. I received a personal email from Arianna Huffington saying that she wanted to feature my voice in the Huffington Post.  How the heck did that happen?  Here’s the all-access exclusive story straight from the unicorn’s mouth.

A little while ago my friend Danielle asked me if I wanted to go to NYC to the Thrive Conference. I didn’t know anything about it so I checked it out. I learned it was a conference supporting Arianna’s new book with the same title. Danielle shared that if I bought the book I would receive a free ticket to the event. I checked in with my heart and  it said a whole hearted, “Hell yes!” I packed my bags and the next day Danielle and I took it to the streets.

I didn’t know why I felt like I had to be there, but I did. I posted to Facebook that I was going to attend the conference and was wondering if I was going to see any familiar faces there.  A friend responded letting me know her friend works for the Huff Post and she connected me. Her friend hooked it up!  She asked me if I would be willing to do an interview about my experience at the conference when I returned home on Monday. Again I checked in with my heart and it said Continue reading

Liberate yourself from fear

Hello.  I hope you are doing wonderfully on this hot summer day.  My friends, you are in for a treat. I interviewed my rock star friend John Smrtic because he the awesomest in the land and beyond AND because he is someone who inspires me to shine on a daily basis. When I first met John he was kind of a mess. It was at the music festival Berkfest and if he remembers any of it I would be really surprised. Despite the haze he was under I still saw his shine and could feel his craving for something more out of life. Shortly after Berkfest he hit rock bottom and then thankfully discovered yoga (because of Michael Franti). He came out from his haze and stepped into the light. Today he shines so brightly and when you are in his presence you want whatever he’s having. Here’s a little bit of what he’s having. So John…

TW: Why do you practice yoga?

John: I practice yoga because it allows me to move Continue reading

Give up. Get a job with benefits. You’ll never pull it off.

One year at Gathering of the Vibes my ears were treated to some magic. It was a couple of years ago when the heat was stifling and I spent a lot of my time lounging in the VIP tent with a fan blowing directly on me just so I wouldn’t over heat. While I was sipping on some cold water, I heard some old-time music in my ears and it was coming my way. I look up and a band is marching towards me playing the most upbeat and get you out of your chair type music, so I did what I had to. I got up and performed an entire improv dance routine with my dancer friend Andrea.

We were so into the vibe of the music, we followed the band around the grounds dancing like everyone was watching, but we didn’t care. We also didn’t care that it was over one hundred degrees out. Primate Fiasco has that effect on people. Their music is contagious, makes you smile, gets you off your butt and has your body Continue reading

Music is magic.

I asked people to share times they manifested music into their lives, and the stories that were shared were of epic proportions. If these people could manifest this magic into their lives you can too.  It isn’t just limited to music, but to anything you want in life. Check out how they put what they wanted out into the universe, released expectations and then opened themselves up to receive. It’s the magic formula!

Barry Cohen Went to Lotus at Mercury Lounge. It was sold out. I told the guy at the door that I have never been denied entry to a show in my life, and he just let me in for free with no ticket.
Nicole Nelson Jimmie Vaughan at the original House of Blues in Cambridge. It was sold out for weeks but the night of the show I just felt like I would get in somehow and I did! I ran into the opening band after their set and started talking with them- they handed me 6 tickets from their unused guest-list and I got a bunch of happy friends in with me- and then I found 20 bucks on the ground! It was a good night
Yahuba Jose Garcia-Torres Back in 1998, my best friend and I bought 2 extra tix to every phish show in the northeast that summer and miracled two people at every show that summer. We got such a rush out of making someone’s day.

Continue reading

I’m going to lure you in with booty talk…

I love to interview people who are rocking their lives. This week I interviewed Richele Henry because not only is she my soul sister and unicorn friend, but she is a kick ass coach who guides you to lovin your body right now for all the awesome that it is in this present moment. She is a genius at it. Seriously. She is personally responsible for me finally embracing and loving my voluptuous bootie, bringing it out of hiding and letting it
shine it’s fine self out to the world. She opened my eyes to see that hating on my ass was actually keeping me from being truly happy in all the areas of my life.

If I lured you in with all of this booty talk…yay!

Watch this Continue reading

It’s much harder to shine your light when you can’t pay your light bill.


What the heck is money anyway?  One day someone found gold and decided it was more valuable than the other rocks and stones. Throughout  the history of the world currency has come in many different forms such as shells, cattle, camels, salt, Parmigiano cheese, tea bricks, squirrel pelts, rings, knives, sacks of cereal grains and beads. What money actually is, is an exchange of energy.

You work, you receive money and you then spend and invest that money.

You put energy in, you receive energy and you then circulate and invest that energy.

Imagine what it would feel like if for the rest of your life you chose to circulate your money/energy with integrity and love? Before making a purchase or investment, you paused for a moment and  asked yourself, “Is this purchase coming from a place of love and integrity?”

If  the answer was no and you decided Continue reading

How to Rock Your Genius

Celia Ward, the author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having It All Life Lessons to Live By” said something in her book that jumped off the page and into my heart. Her words touched me so deeply I actually yelled out, “Hell yes!” which is why I’m sharing her words with you right here, right now.

“When we are born we all have unique gifts to share with the world. Throughout our lives we are often thrown off track by taking a job that is safe and has great benefits but isn’t fulfilling, we aren’t passionate about it and it doesn’t serve our purpose.  We may be good at it.  We may be the best at it. That doesn’t mean that is your gift.”

We receive so many messages subconsciously from everyone in our lives and they are all a part of who you are today. My parents once said to me something like this, “It doesn’t matter if you like your job or not, as long as it has health benefits. Most people don’t like their jobs and that’s life.” I know they were coming from a place of love, said those words to protect me and because that is what they were taught to believe. They just want me to be safe and happy, but seriously is that life?

I started questioning whether that was what life was supposed to be about. I asked myself these questions.

Was I put on this earth to work insane amounts of hours per week doing something I don’t like just so I can get a decent paycheck and receive health benefits?

Was I put on this earth to Continue reading

How to choose a joy sponsor

My friend Mike T who has been sober for five years shared with me why having a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous was such an important part of his sobriety success. When he first starting going to AA he met with his sponsor, and together they went through the twelve steps. Each week his sponsor checked in with him to see how he was doing. Mike shared that by talking with his sponsor he felt even more invested in himself and his sobriety. He noticed that by doing this work and changing what he didn’t like about himself and his life, things shifted internally for him. His felt comfortable enough with his sponsor to not only check in with him when things were going great, but even more importantly when things weren’t.

What his sponsor did for him was to guide him to learn how to live sober which was something he didn’t know how to do before.

When Mike was looking for a sponsor he shared with me something very important.

He said, “You must find someone who has been through what you’ve been through, who knows more than you do right now and is living life the way you want to live it. You must have some sort of connection, feel that you can trust them, and they must be willing to hold you accountable.”

He also shared, Continue reading

Man, did I struggle!!!

For years my life was a struggle. I was a struggling high school student. I moved on to become a struggling college student. Next I transitioned into a struggling dancer. My next move was to become a struggling “I’m not really sure who I am or what I’m supposed to be doing” person. After that I chose to become a struggling holistic entrepreneur. Finally I decided to thrive.

Why did I choose to struggle for so long?  For one, I felt kind of like a badass.  “Check me out. My life is so hard, but I’m so strong and  I can handle whatever life throws at me so bring it on”.” And oh did life bring it on. Life brought it in the forms of unexpected major and minor financial expenses, injuries, constant and strange sicknesses, complicated relationships, difficult job situations, piling up credit card debt, dental issues and I could go on and on and on and on. Even with all that adversity I pulled through. Life was supposed to be hard right?

Another reason I chose to struggle was that I got to play the victim. I played that part really well. Life was happening to me and there was nothing I could do about it. I had no choice. Nothing was my fault. It was everyone else’s fault I was struggling so I didn’t take responsibility for anything that was going on in my life.

Lastly I was avoiding going deep with myself by instead choosing to focus on the struggle and all the dramas that go along with that struggle. And oh the dramas did I create! It was much easier (although that couldn’t be further from the truth) to continue to avoid really seeing myself than it was to take a good hard look in the mirror.

One day Continue reading