How We Met: The Morella Devost Story

Before Morella from Thrive with Morella was  a successful podcaster, we were both students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. The year was 2004 and we were both trying to figure out how to be healthy and to help others to do the same. 

My mind was blown because I had just found out that kale wasn’t just a garnish, but something that you ate and that getting a fast food burger without a bun didn’t make it healthy. 

Morella, fresh out of a corporate career was experimenting with a raw food diet that wasn’t working for her. We were so different and in such different places in life and even though we liked each other instantly, we never got really close. 

Flash forward to the fall of 2007, days after my move to Vermont, I was strolling around the Burlington Farmer’s Market with my new love Dan and his parents who were visiting. In the distance I see a spunky woman handing out recipes to people at the market when my now mother-in-law lead us toward her. As we got closer, I realized I knew her.



“What are you doing here? I just moved here,” she said. Continue reading

Dark and Light by Hayley Jane & the Wild Women

“This is the best worst time for a retreat,” she said as she arrived at This Wonderful Place for the Wild Woman Retreat. A common thread for many of the women, they were all so grateful that even though they had many obstacles come in their way, they got on their planes or hopped in their cars and made the journey.

What we experienced that weekend was, to quote the attendees, “Life changing.”

Rainbows, unicorns and sparkles (literally and figuratively) made many appearances throughout the weekend, but so did darkness. A lot of it.

There’s a great power in sharing your shadows with others. We’ve all got em and it’s time to stop pushing them down and/or hiding them. It’ll eat you alive. By speaking out loud about the dark side, something really special happened that surprised many.

The shadows that people were so scared to share (some for many many many years), were found in some way in each and every woman in attendance. No one is alone in their mucky humanness. 

Exhale. Phew. Halle-freakin-lujah!

Sharing the dark didn’t make anyone less lovable either. The affect was the opposite. We fell in love even harder.

Dark doesn’t equal bad just as light doesn’t equal good. And that’s just perfect. 

We collaborated with songwriting magician Hayley Jane on this subject and a beautiful song happened. 


What part of this song do you resonate with most. Leave a comment and and feel free to share. 

Want to attend a retreat at This Wonderful Place? Check out our website HERE. Adding new photos and retreats soon.

The magic in me sees the magic in you,


PS I’m leading a retreat in Domincal, Costa Rica with a very special musician friend March of 2019. Maybe you’d like to join us? Check it out HERE and claim 1 of 15 spots before I announce who the musician is. If you have questions, send me a message HERE.

How We Met: Sara Soulman

This weekend was so freakin magical and so normal. I say normal because I believe that magic IS normal. Think of it this way; if when my book How to Rock Your Life was published and everyone I knew was like, “That’s so crazy that you wrote a book. I didn’t think you had it in you to do something so great.” I would have felt kinda sad about it.

When something wonderful happens for you in your life and you exclaim, “That’s so crazy,” you’re sending that same sad feeling to the Universe. You don’t want to be responsible for the whole entire Universe crying do you?

Now I say, “Magic is normal and I’m so grateful.” 

Try that saying on for size and let me know how it fits. 

Someone who lives this way is the woman who is the next star of the How We Met series and I’m going to tell you all about it after I share with you why this past weekend was so normal. 

It all started on Friday afternoon on a stage made of skis at Tailfeather in Burlington, VT. Vinne Amico and Al Schnier from the band Moe. were in attendance and they were Continue reading

How We Met: The Moe. Story

One day in the summer of 95′ which happened to be the 25th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Festival, my family hopped in our snazzy white minivan and drove toward Bethel, NY. This was my first taste of festival magic. 

Naked baby booming hippies were dancing around everywhere reliving their free spirited glory days. Dancing to the music in their heads while throwing glitter on anyone who entered onto their path was their only  mission in that moment. Expressed, free and wild were some adjectives I would use to describe how I thought they were feeling. Intrigued, I knew I wanted some of whatever that was in my life.

After that day in 95′ I dabbled in the live music scene, but it wasn’t until 1999/2000 when I experienced Phish’s Big Cypress that catapulted me into a full fledged festival obsession. As a recent college graduate, my goal was to see as much music as possible. And see music I did. 

My friends Melissa and Nicole loved Ani Difranco and they turned me onto her musical genius. When the very first Moe.down was announced, Ani was slated as one of the headliners. I jumped at the chance to see her, but what I wondered was, “Who was this band Moe.?”

How I’d never heard of them before is still a mystery because many of my friends were huge fans, but I didn’t. Based on how almost everyone I was hanging with felt at the time, I was sure Moe. would be a shoe in to win a place in my heart as one of my favorite bands. But they didn’t. Actually, I didn’t like them at all.  Continue reading

How We Met: The Hayley Jane Story

This How We Met series has been so fun. Your responses to how I met Ryan Montbleau were really entertaining to read and I loved how much he’s a part of so many of your lives (whether you know him personally or love his music). If you missed it and you’d like to read it, you can do so right HERE.

Compiling a list to share with you about how I met some of my favorite music people brought up so many great memories. The intertwining of lives because of a passion that we all share for music (making it, supporting it and/or listening to it) is so outrageously beautiful and I’m grateful for it all. Chances are, I know you one way or another because of music. Yay!!

Hayley Jane is a beautiful and extremely inspiring force in our scene. Putting it ALL out there on the stage night after night at every single performance is her specialty. There could be one person in the audience or a stadium full and she’ll give you all she’s got. Something you may or may not know about her is that she makes every single person in her world feel important and special. Not everyone feels like this is something important to cultivate, but she does. If you’ve been in her presence, you’ll know what I mean. 

Last fall we brought fifteen women together for a Wild Woman Retreat in Vermont. Not only did she play us to sleep in our jammies each night, but she showed up. And she showed up big time. I don’t mean physically (although she was there in that way too), but she brought every ounce of her being with her and was open to sharing it all.

Opening up about her struggles and triumphs with the group, teaching us choreography from one of her songs, empowering us to write a song together that is now in her solo show rotation all while taking the time to get to know each person was just the tip of the iceberg of what she did that weekend.

Because of her vulnerability, everyone felt safe to share what was true for them too. We came as strangers and left a family. Hayley and I are at it again this May and there are a handful of spaces available. If this interests you, learn more and reserve your space HERE. 

How did I meet Miss Hayley Jane? 

Our worlds collided at a beautiful festival that took place in the jungles of Costa Rica where the monkeys, parrots and crocodiles play. Jungle Jam was the perfect name for the festival because we jammed hard in that jungle. I’d been attending the festival for a couple of years organizing yoga while getting to experience the magic of all the live music that happened there.

Jungle Jam is a place where I reveled in getting to see some of my favorite bands like Twiddle, Dumpstafunk and Ryan Montbleau Band surrounded by jungle plants and palm trees while discovering new bands. This festival is where I saw Oteil Burbridge play for the first time. I’ll be sharing the story how we met and became friends shortly. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but was mesmerized by the joy he exuded on and off the stage.  

I also didn’t know who Hayley Jane was. She was working the festival so I talked with her every time I entered and left the festival grounds. Wrapped up in a scarf in a very unique and interesting way, I had to know how she did it. Explaining that someone showed her how to wrap her scarf this way and that she promised that she’d teach others, she showed me how to do it. I loved her immediately and thought it was so cool that she was sticking to her word of sharing the scarf magic. 

After a band took the main stage the next night, I heard a woman take command of the crowd over on the side stage. Even though I had to go to the bathroom really bad, I was drawn directly to the stage. Hayley’s magnetic pull really is that strong. I sat as close as possible without being creepy as she rocked my world with her music. After her set, I went up to her. I said, “You’ve gotta do this full time!”

I had never heard of her before this and didn’t know that she was successful and already doing it full time. She could have responded in many snarky ways, but she didn’t. She humbly took in what I had to say and didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing who she was. I was kind of obsessed from that moment on. 

I downloaded all her songs and danced around to them at my house. I told everyone I knew that they had to check out Hayley Jane. When she was playing at MAYfest (now called Ascend Festival) I was so excited. She was performing on the beach stage so I went to my usual spot right in front. Asking me if I had a hair elastic, I handed her the one off my wrist. She pulled me up on stage and said, “Just go with it and dance with me.” 

It was an amazing experience. After the show we were talking and I said, “You know what? We should do a retreat together.”

She shared how that was kinda scary for her and I said, “Well that means that we’ve got to do it.”

It didn’t happen right away, but a couple of years later we did our first retreat together and it was an epic success. So amazing that we had to do it again and we are. It’s happening in less than a month and there’s some spaces available. Follow this link to learn more and reserve your space.

Hayley is now one of my best friends and a part of my soul family. Thank you Eric Freitas for inviting us to Jungle Jam. You rule!

Curious about how I met someone? Leave a comment and you might find that story in the next edition of How We Met. 

The magic in me sees the magic in you,

To the woman who laughed at me for being different…

“You’re very ummmmmmm different?” she said to me laughing. 

I responded confidently, “I agree!”

A woman said this to me last week while I was cruising the racks at an upscale resale shop in New York City. Even though I took it as a compliment, she didn’t mean it that way. She was eluding to the fact that being different was a negative thing. In many places on our planet it’s forbidden to express yourself, but thankfully that’s not the case here in the United States. We’re free to be whoever we are and to dress the part no matter what that looks like. In Vermont where I live, you’re even allowed to be naked in public as long as you don’t disrobe outside. 

Music festivals were the first place I experienced a true freedom to be myself where I dressed the part too. Out in the judgmental streets I wandered at home, I was scared to express myself because I was afraid of what people might think of me if I did. Not only with fashion, but in general. My outside was a reflection of what was going on inside. I rarely spoke up or stood up for myself.

I hated my job.

My boyfriend at the time was physically and mentally abusive.

Some of ‘friends’ took advantage of me because I let them.

I was in a funk when I wasn’t at a show or festival.

I went over the top crazy when I was at shows and festivals.

My adulting game was so strong that I almost Continue reading

How We Met: The Ryan Montbleau Story

Happy Thursday music lovers!!! I love so many things about our live music scene that go way beyond the music. One of those things is how intertwined we are and how we all pretty much have six degrees of separation or less from the musicians we see on stage. This not so secret society of jamband lovers is an inclusive club that has connected me to so many beautiful people that are not only my friends, but my family too. Most of you reading this are members of that family who were brought into my life in one way or another because of music. And I’m so freakin grateful!

People have expressed an inquiry to knowing how I know the people that I do and from that line of questioning I often receive, I’m going to start sharing stories of How We Met on my blog.

The very first story is about how I met the one and only Mr. Ryan Montbleau and it’s an awkward and magical one.

Feeling nervous and uneasy behind the merch table, I was overwhelmed with excitement every time a musician walked over to me to give me their goods to set up before their set. The english language was one I often forgot when they approached, so I would giggle, smile and nod without a word finding its way to the surface.

The year was 2006 and I had just scored my first ever volunteer position as a merch person at a music festival.

As the weekend went by, I started to feel more comfortable and confident when I was approached by musicians in the tent. Then Ryan Montbleau Continue reading

25 Ways to Gratitude the Heck Out of Your Life

How amazing would it be if we could live in a world where we could be either at a music festival or a show all the time? That’s the dream, but the truth is most of us don’t live in a world where that’s possible. Actually, most of us are not a festival or show more than we are. 

Feeling sad when the show’s over when you have to return home is a totally normal way to feel, but there’s good news! If you work on yourself by upping your health, wellness and mindfulness on a daily basis while you’re home, you’ll start to cultivate the festival from within and life will rock outside of the festival too.

One way to do that is by gratituding the heck out of the little things. 

It’s easy to see what you’re grateful for when you’re at the show, but what about when you’re not? There are so many things to be thankful for when you’re at home if you open your kaleidoscope eyes to the magic that’s happening now. And now. And now. 


25 Ways to Gratitude the Heck Out of Your Life at Home

  1. Resting your head on a soft dry pillow in your warm cozy bed after a long day
  2. A river won’t come thru your home when there’s a little rain like it does in your tent at a festival
  3. Taking a shower and feeling so fresh and so clean clean
  4. Ice on demand
  5. The smell of Continue reading

Live Event- Herbs to Rock You from Spring Into Summer

Maybe it’s not feeling like Spring in your neck of the woods yet, but keep the faith because we just entered the Spring Equinox so that means the nice weather is coming! And so is…summer!

Hi! I’m Katie. 
I have been interested in health and nutrition for over fifteen years. I can remember exactly when I really started noticing how food affected me, and that what I put into my body made a difference in how I felt. I’m not talking about strictly from a “diet” perspective, like high calorie versus low calorie foods, but more of the types of foods and food groups that made me feel energized, or those that made me feel like crap.

(Don’t have time to read the whole post? No problem, we’re having a live class April 3rd at 12:30pm Eastern time. Click HERE to join us!)

I would love to share with you some of my top tips for preparing yourself this spring so that you are READY for the fun that summer has in store! We know that rocking life takes a lot out of you and dancing your butt off at shows can be tiring- so here’s my top herbal tips for getting your body primed and ready to ROCK YOUR SUMMER! The festivals and live music await you!

Spring is considered a time of renewal and naturally we feel drawn to shake off any excess or sluggishness that we developed over the winter. That is why this time of year you may hear a lot about cleansing or detoxing. A lot of people are still looking to shed a few pounds they put on during the holidays or after cold weather hibernation. Some people do juice fasts, some people buy cleanse kits from their local health food stores, and others follow extreme regimens from their nutritionists or doctors. Many people jump on the latest fad diet. I do not like using the word “diet” as I believe it sounds so restrictive and makes you feel like you are limiting yourself. One thing I learned in my years of study of holistic health, herbalism, and nutrition is that limiting yourself always leads to over-indulging later. And makes you feel like you’re coming from a place of lack!  I think it’s best to determine what we can ADD to our diets to complement our health, rather than take away. Disclaimer: That being said– I do believe that if you suffer from food allergies, intolerances, or serious health conditions/disease, there are definitely benefits to removing certain foods from our diet to watch for improvements. But that’s best discussed with your doctor or nutritionist.

Spring is the best time to increase our activity, eat lighter, fresher foods and gently detox and support our liver, kidneys & lymphatic systems (also think massage, dry brushing, etc), which get stagnant and have less flow in the winter season. You can also do this by incorporating dark leafy greens to your diet (kale, mustard, collards, chard) or gentle herbal liver cleansers that support and strengthen. Two of my favorites for detoxifying and strengthening the body are Dandelion and Nettles.



  • Dandelion Root
    • Work as a bitter to help to detoxify the liver
    • Also helps with digestion issues such as indigestion, heartburn, constipation
    • You can decoct the root (as tea) or tincture
    • Boil, bake and add to soup
  • Dandelion Leaves
    • High in sodium & potassium, the leaves act as a natural diuretic, helping shed water weight and retention
    • Eat fresh in salad, steam and add to stir-fry or soup, or make a tea


  • Deeply nourishing AND good for spring allergies
    • Natural antihistamine to relieve allergy symptoms
  • Very accessible in the wild, but wear gloves while harvesting; they will sting!
  • Steam and eat as a veggie; or make tea!
  • Chock full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins (magnesium, calcium, iron, and protein) for strong bones, nails, hair & teeth
  • Restorative after stress, adrenal burnout, and illness
  • Natural energy booster and a natural and reliable iron booster
  • Regular ingestion of nettle infusions can restore mineral reserves and relieve menstrual or leg cramps
  • Herbalist David Hoffman wisely recommends, “When in doubt, choose nettle.”

Now that we’ve done some cleansing and we’re feeling revived and nourished, let’s talk about other preparations we can take as we move past spring into summer and your favorite festival is right around the corner! I can hear the music now!

Pre-Show Vibes

  • Supplements and Beverage Fuel!
    • Vitamin C is a great one to prevent hangover, and keep your immune system boosted as you dance and party into the night!
    • If you have time and access to a juicer; go crazy with your fruits and veggies, if not there are plenty of places you can get fresh juice these days.  Some of my faves to add besides orange (the obvious vitamin C booster):
      • Carrot/apple/ginger
      • Greens like kale, spinach, celery, cucumber
    • Adaptogens are another great way to keep your body energized and ward off traveling stress. Adaptogens help boost your body’s resistance to physical & emotional stress. Some of my faves are Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Ginseng, Holy Basil, Maca, and Rhodiola.
  • Prepare Your Gut
    • With summer fun and Festival season comes a lot of fried foods, greasy options and late night food choices you may not usually make. Here are two of my favorite herbal go-to’s for protecting or recovering my gut health:
  • Do you usually experience pre-show jitters? You’re not alone. There is a lot of plans to be made and a lot of buzz and excitement in the air. For this I would recommend a couple of things, in addition to the herbs above. One is my signature calming tea; which I call “Peace tea”! It is a blend of:
    • Lemon Balm
    • Chamomile
    • Catnip
    • Rosehips
    • If you don’t have access to the herbs or don’t want to travel with them, you can also find many great anti-anxiety supplements at health foods stores. Here are a couple of my favorites that I never travel without:
    • Stretch your body! If you can make it to a yoga class before the shows; awesome! But remember don’t over-schedule. Doing some stretches in your room pre-show is just as good. Keep your body feeling limber, and your muscles relaxed and ready to go.
    • I also highly recommend incorporating hiking and strength exercises into your “spring training” to prepare you for spending days walking and dancing. A weekly hike or some calf-muscle building exercises will get those legs ready to support you for anything ahead!
    • Taking time to meditate, or even just some deep breaths to clear your head is also important before going to a show or crowded event. Being around lots of people can be hard for some, so I always take time to do some deep breathing and picture myself being rooted into the earth like a tree. If you’re particularly sensitive to crowds or energy; I also recommend visualizing white light or a bubble surrounding your whole body. Keep that bubble around you when you’re dancing the night away and ain’t nuthin going to break your stride!


Get into the Groove

  • One of my favorites to take if you’re going to be imbibing is called Party-Smart! This is a single herbal pill you take with your first drink and helps prevent nasty hangovers!
    • Milk Thistle is another herb that helps protect and detoxifies the liver from the effects of alcohol. The seeds can be chewed or I like to take in a tincture or dried capsules as well.
    • Turmeric– add to your food, smoothie, or take as a supplement to prevent overall pain and inflammation from dancing, standing, walking, and overindulgence of food or drink.
  • What can you take if you don’t like to drink/are sober? Don’t worry! Your natural good vibes and those of others and the music will take you far. You know this! But here are a couple other fun herbs to try to make you feel good. And are great legal options. 😉
    • Yerba Mate
      • Reduces fatigue and uplifts your mood
      • Many people find that Yerba Maté is a preferable stimulant to coffee or tea, with less jitters, and longer lasting buzz.
    • Damiana
      • This herb helps to lift the spirit, help with low self-esteem, and encourages a feeling of well-being. Damiana also has a slight aphrodisiac effect; making it a fun herb for lowering inhibitions and making you feel good! It will also make you giggly and happy.
      • WishGarden Herbs makes one of my favorite formulas called “Liquid Bliss” that includes Damiana and other herbs. This is a description of their product and where to find it: Enjoy a bit of liquid peace and tranquility. This formula contains herbs that nourish your nervous system and support an open heart and your body’s feel-good hormones, helping to lift your mood and increase your sense of connection. It can be used daily or for added support after emotional trauma. It’s also fun to share at parties and other social functions. So go ahead and practice a bit of mood yoga”
    • Lion’s Tail. This is an herb that I just learned about on a recent herb walk but haven’t gotten to try myself yet! So if you decide to try it…let me know how it goes. 🙂
  • I found this description of Lion’s Tail and where to buy it: “Lion’s Tail is best smoked with other people for the lively conviviality (laughter and loudness) that it brings. The root tea is also favoured for the hypnotic-like focus it give to fire light or, as some have found, television viewing! With its beautiful orange lion’s tail-like flowers, is now seen in many Australian suburban gardens and is more potent when grown in the dry tropics. Lion’s tail is a positive alternative to cannabis as a safe, uplifting and stimulating legal garden herbal high.The leaves and flowers are traditionally smoked or chewed on ceremonial occasions, to induce trance-like states along with drumming and dancing. The roots were also brewed as a tea for these occasions. Lion’s tail is now a popular smoking alternative to tobacco or cannabis, giving a mild euphoric and uplifting.effect.”
  • Show’s Over! Now what? Whether you’re headed straight to the sack or an after-party I suggest grabbing more of the following before you hit the hay and face the next day. These will help your body recover and be ready to take on the next night of fun!


Post Show/Next Day Recovery

  • If you’re nursing a hangover, fuel up on more of what you’ve been doing!
    • Vitamin C
    • Hydrate with tons of water, coconut water or electrolyte powders. My favorite coconut water is Harmless Harvest. It takes so good! I can’t stress enough the benefits of proper hydration. Especially during those summer days spending tons of time outside and in the heat!
    • Make a delicious juice shot to soothe your stomach!
    • Sip Peppermint tea
    • Eat Bananas to restore potassium


The After-after-party Letdown

  • So the festival is over- you’ve said your goodbyes, you’ve boarded your plane, got in your car, or already made it back to your bed and under the covers. How do you feel??
    • If you’re still suffering physically; keep doing what you’re doing. Stretching your body post show really helps. If you have a foam roller; I really suggest that for rolling out sore muscles and back.
    • Take a bath with epsom salts or dead sea salts and essential oils to pull toxins from your body and continue relaxing your body and mind.
    • Arnica cream or gel is also amazing for sore muscles and aches and pains.
    • Besides the obvious of drinking all the water you can, juicing and prepping some superfood smoothies, If you did consume alcohol, I would load up on more milk thistle. Alcohol is not only hard on the liver, but can interfere with dopamine production and regulation which affects your mood. Milk Thistle can ward off post-show depression and cleanse your liver of toxins in your body.
    • This is one of my favorite nourishing tea blends! I call it “Nourish Tea.” Each of these herbs are full of vitamins and minerals to help restore your body to tip-top shape.
      • Nettles
      • Oatstraw
      • Rose hips
      • Alfalfa
    • The show has to end- but your good vibes don’t! If you’re feeling a little let down and bummed, just put on some music, start reminiscing and be grateful for what you’ve just experienced!
      • In addition to the adaptogens I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I recommend making yourself a healthy meal and loading up on omega 3’s and heart healthy fats like coconut oil or avocados.
      • If you’re really feeling bummed you can try St.John’s Wort or Rhodiola for mood enhancement.
      • Experience the magic of Aromatherapy to lift your spirits! Create your own “Feel Good” spritzer with Lavender and uplifting Citrus essential oils or an “After Show Energy Cleanser” with Sage or Frankincense. See my favorite blend here!
      • Take some time alone to breathe, clear and ground yourself. Get outside if you can and connect with nature.. Call or Hug a friend.
      • BUY TICKETS TO YOUR NEXT SHOW. Follow Taraleigh (you probably already do) to keep those happy, rock your life vibes going everyday of your life; not just when you’re at a show or festival!

If you want to learn even more about how to feel great, Rocking Your Life with Herbs, I’ll be live with Taraleigh, April 3rd at 12:30pm Eastern time.


Sign up now to join us! Can’t wait to see you there!


Peace, Love & Health,



P.S. Want more tips on spring cleaning and preparing your body for summer? Join us LIVE April 3rd!


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I wish I could live in a music festival

“I think if we could have a little bit of this everyday, we’d be in a lot better shape.”

Rob Derhak/Bassist for Moe.

“We can! I literally wrote the book on it,” I screamed as loud as I could from my front row balcony seat at the Palace Theater on February 24th.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of How to Rock Your Life: Maintain the Magic of Live Music in Your Everyday Experience you can get your e-book, paperback or hardcover HERE.

Continue reading