LIVE Work-Day Mini-Festival with Prince Headlining

By now everyone in the entire Universe is aware that the musical genius Prince has left us in the physical realm. I have so many memories that are connected to Prince and his songs and I’m really feeling his passing hard. One thing that Prince taught us was to celebrate life and so to honor him, I’m going to dance to his music and invite you to join me. Let’s celebrate!

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Festival Fashion: Put it in Your Pocket

Anything that makes my life more simple when I am at a festival is something that I’m really interested in knowing about. My friend Shannon Lyn created something that I feel is totally genius and that everyone who goes to shows must have.


It’s a custom pocket belt and it’s cute, comfortable, functional, has room for everything you need to bring to the show and it leaves your arms free for hugging, hula hooping and Continue reading

Recipe: Gluten Free Matzoh Bawlzzzzz

When I was little and was with my family celebrating any Jewish holiday I would basically eat all the matzoh balls. I didn’t care about anything else that was being served or even dessert. All I cared about was those delicious fluffy balls of matzoh and eating of them as much as humanly possible. After I ate about twenty of them I would go under the table for the remainder of the meal and pretend I was a cat. Maybe it was because I was at a table full of Katz’s or maybe I was delusional from having so much matzoh in my intestines.


As an adult I still have that desire to eat all the matzoh balls in the entire universe, but the problem is that I’m not allowed to have gluten and a matzoh ball is basically a ball of gluten. I remembered my friend Erica made a GF version so this year when passover was approaching I googled the crap out of gluten free matzoh ball recipes and I found one. And then I made it. And then I ate all the matzoh balls again. This year Continue reading

NOLA JazzFest Yoga with Oteil and Kofi

Are you going to NOLA’s JazzFest this year? I’m a JazzFest virgin and I’m so excited about all the magic I’m going to experience. I’m also really excited about partnering up with Live For Live Music to teach a live music  yoga class accompanied by the legendary brothers Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band and Dead & Company) and Kofi Burbridge (Tedeschi Trucks Band) on April 29th. Here’s a description of the class.


Taraleigh’s class with be a gentle jazzy flow for everyone even if you’ve never practiced yoga before. JazzFest is the perfect time to try something new. Give your tired Continue reading

RECIPE: Magical Turmeric Nighttime Drink

I love finding things to ingest that make me feel like a superhero. It’s why I’m obsessed with superfood smoothies, bone broth and my newest love of nighttime sleepy drinks. One evening I found a recipe from David Wolfe for a warm turmeric milk and since I had all of the ingredients I made it, drank it, loved it and passed the f out almost immediately after.


Turmeric is a superfood because it is known to help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea, intestinal gas
  • Jaundice
  • Liver problems
  • And a many other problems caused by inflammation

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My Life Was Saved By Prince & Rock-n-Roll

When I found out the news that Prince had passed away I was crushed. Even though I didn’t know him personally he was a huge part of my life. I have so many memories that have Prince involved from booking Purple Rain at my college for movie night and everyone dancing and acting crazy in the aisles to wild half naked dance parties to Erotic City on repeat in my college dorm to the numerous amounts of bands that I love covering his songs to actually getting to see him in concert in the front row. At that concert when he took the stage I started to cry. I was so overwhelmed by his powerful, sexy, beautiful, gentle and wildly talented presence. I was memorized by every note and every hip shake. I’d never seen a performer command an audience like that before and I was soooooo inspired by his genius.


It was a moment I’ll never forget. It was a moment that was worth every cent and every ounce of energy it took me to find a ticket to the sold-out show the day of. Live music isn’t something frivolous to spend money on. It’s important to my health and wellness. It’s where most of my most genius business ideas are birthed. It’s everything.

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LIVE with Eric Gould of Pink Talking Fish

Pink Talking Fish is one of my favorite bands right now and I’m so grateful I had the experience to rock out to their genius of combining Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish into one unique musical journey. Eric Gould who plays bass for the band and I went to the St John’s Club in Burlington, VT to watch the sunset before the show and decided to go LIVE on Facebook and share the magic with you. Watch us make non-existent shadow puppets, talk about ice boating and we’ll show you the beautiful sunset.

Screen shot 2016-04-22 at 10.20.25 AM

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The Keys to Life According to Jay Blakesberg

“Once upon a time I was a kid in the audience at a Grateful Dead show. Now I’m the guy onstage photographing the band.” Jay Blakesberg


I have led a mentorship program for live music fans for years called Rock Your Life Mentorship. During that time I picked many mentors from the music scene to connect over the phone with the people participating. Some mentors included Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers and Dead & Company), Matt Bulter (Everyone Orchestra), Mike Rempel (Lotus), Al Smith (American Babies), Zach Deputy, Ryan Montbleau, Eric Gould (Pink Talking Fish) and Eli Winderman (Dopapod).

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Festival Fashion: Naytures Empire’s Belt Bags

When going to a festival it is important to be able to easily carry your necessities (cell phone, money, ID, credit cards, stickers, bubbles, glitter etc). It is equally as important to have your hands and arms free for activities such as hugging, dancing, high fiving, spontaneous jazz hands and to request a miracle. When I saw Naytures Empire’s Belt Bags I had to have one. Not only do they allow for all of those activities I mentioned above, but they are damn sexy and well made.

When I received mine in the mail I screamed with joy. It was even more beautiful in real life than it is in pictures and the pictures are extremely  beautiful! It went with me all over Costa Rica and Nicaragua and it’s really excited about its next adventure at NOLA’s JazzFest this year. Want this exact one? Get it here.  Want to see all of the other belt bag options? Check them out here.

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Mini-Festival with Headliners Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Elton John

There is research that backs that dancing with people is good for your health. We all know this to be true. Do you know what that means? It means that every dollar you invest in going to see live music is money that you are investing in yourself and your health.

For this reason every Tuesday at 11ish am I host a Work-Day Mini-Festival and you can come no matter where you live in the world and it’s free!

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